A bit of an FAQ post on how to install the lightroom presets. The most commonly asked questions and issues people have had when it comes to installing.

How to install presets on iPhone.

Download the presets DNG files onto your phone from my shop. Unzip the folder that contains the files. Take note of where you have saved them.

Open the free mobile Lightroom app.

Click on the (…) Settings Button and choose Add To option. Or click the blue button, with the picture and plus sign in the bottom right of the screen.

Choose the location on your phone where you downloaded the DNG files. Double click the preset .dng file you would like to work with DNG file will install in Lightroom Mobile.

Choose a picture you would like to edit in Mobile Lightroom Click on the (…) Settings Button and then click on Paste Settings. Apply to your image.

Choose DNG file you have installed before, then click on the (…) Settings Button and click on the Copy Settings Click on Select All, then unselect Crop setting and click on OK button.

You can then save the preset settings from your own image, ready for use next time.

How to install presets on Android.

Download the presets DNG files onto your phone from my shop. Unzip the folder that contains the files. Take note of where you have saved them.

Open the free mobile Lightroom app. Create a new album and import the DNG preset files.

Go into the album containing your newly imported DNG files.  Open the first file, tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right of the screen and then tap on Create Preset. You will see the New Preset screen, save your preset by tapping on the tick icon at the top right corner.

Repeat this step for each DNG file as you will need to save each preset separately. Don’t worry though, you only need to do this once! To use your new presets just go back into your library and open any photo you’d like to edit.

Find the Presets icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen and tap on it. Make sure the Preset Group that’s selected is the one where you saved your new presets. If you saved them in the User Presets group, select that.

Now you can edit the photo by tapping on a preset from the list and then tapping on the tick.

You can still continue to edit the photo and make adjustments if you like, after you’ve applied the preset.

I don’t have the “add to” option.

The app looks slightly different on iPhone and Android. You can however click the blue button with the white picture and plus sign in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You are adding the files as an image rather than a “preset”.

All the files have the same photo.

They do on the classic presets! It was to show the different effects the presets have. In hindsight I have realised that it was a bit of an error as it makes it harder to tell which one is which. You can however save the files into separate albums by creating an album (clicking the plus in the middle of the screen) and keeping the files separate that way. The next lot of presets I release will have different covers.

The files won’t save.

The DNG files that you download from my shop should save. However some people have had issues with where they have saved and then can’t find them. This may be because your phone has saved the files in date order rather than recently downloaded. I suggest you create a folder to save them in or take note of where the files are saving too.

My images don’t look the same as yours.

The presets won’t work perfectly on every image. Each image will look different. However you will need to make adjustments. The presets are very bright so you will need to match the exposure to your image. Play around with the settings on Lightroom and it will work. It takes a little bit of practise but they will work for you.

I can’t save the preset on Lightroom.

The iPhone app is slightly different and doesn’t allow you to create the preset directly. What you will need to do instead is copy and paste the settings. Those instructions are under the iPhone install instructions. You might have to copy and paste the settings each time. Some people however have been able to copy and paste the settings, adjust the settings slightly and then create the preset from their own image.

Do these presets work on the desktop version of Lightroom?

No. I do have plans to release desktop versions very soon.

Will you release new presets?

Yes. The plan is to release some each season. They will be different and perfect for the season ahead. The plan is March, May, August and October. They will incorporate seasonal tones and light.

Do these presets work on the free Lightroom app?

Yes. These presets are designed just for the free app. It’s why the process to install is slightly longer but this means the presets are able to being used on the free app.

Why are the presets so cheap?

You should charge more! I priced my presets to make them affordable for everyone. Coming from a background where money was sparse I wanted everyone to be able to have access to them no matter their financial background. I have put the price up slightly. It comes with a heavy heart charging more, however I have spent a lot of time helping people install, test out and use the presets. So to ensure I don’t create these presets at a loss they will be slightly more expensive but still at reasonable price. I hope you can understand.

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered please email me and I will help you get up and running.