Spring Instagram Photo Ideas

Spring Photography Blossom Blue Skies and Butterflies

Spring Photography Blossom skirt perspective photograph

Spring is such an amazing time to get inspired by nature for your photography. My inspiration totally goes through seasons and in January and February my inspiration is low! The moment the world starts blooming, my creativity turns up a notch. So I thought I would put together a few photographs and a few ideas if you are struggling for inspiration.

Spring Photography Blossom Women's Fashion Black Hat

Spring Photography Fields of Gold Yellow Rapeseed Field Photoshoot

Spring Photography Blossom Bedsheet Chiffon Photoshoot At Home

Blue Skies

The best kind of backdrop the one that you have access to (of course on sunny days!). You can use whatever props you like. I’ve used balloons, flowers and hey even the kids! You can put them on your shoulders and shoot up at an angle to get the beautiful blue skies! Shooting up into the sky can make such a great background. Put your camera on the floor and shoot upwards. Play around with angles.

Spring Photography Kids laying in Blossom

Spring Photography Daffodils Bedsheet Portrait Shoot

Spring Photography Kids portrait blue skies forsythia


My absolute favourite! It’s not Spring without blossom. You can bring it inside to use as a prop or right there on the tree. I have photoshopped butterflies onto the photograph to create a little bit of magic. You can use offcuts for perspective. I made Edie a blossom skirt by holding it out in front of her. Again playing with different angles rather than holding the camera straight on. You can then fill your frame with blossom rather than a different background. Blossom is a wonderful one especially when the cherry blossom blooms!

Spring Photography Yellow forsythia blue skies

Spring Photography pink bridesmaid gypsophila wedding newbie


Of course, all flowers make a wonderful prop. I pick most of mine up from supermarkets. Gypsophila is under £2 for a bunch and it’s pretty and delicate. I used it in the photographs above. I am also a fan of sticking flowers to wall. I use masking tape and washi tape. I have also hung them with string. It makes a great backdrop. I use bedsheets, voile and net curtains.  I also love to hold flowers close to the lens to create a soft, dreamy effect. Golden fields and forsythia also make great backgrounds. If you use a camera shoot with a low aperture to create a dreamy blur background.

Spring Photography Voile net curtain blooms hanging flowers

Spring Photography Mirror baby photoshoot blossom camera

Spring Photography Rainbow effect photoshoot paintbrush

Photo Effects

I used photoshop in the mirror photograph. I took two photographs and cut out the reflection image. I then blended it onto the image. You can see a Reel with the BTS here. With the rainbow photograph, I used a film painted with a rainbow. I then held the film close to the lens to create the dreamy rainbow effect. Again you can see a BTS here.

I hope that gives you some inspiration. You can see more Spring photos on my Instagram. 

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