Kids At Home Photo Shoot Idea

Before becoming a full-time content creator I ran my own photography business. In fact, I left maternity leave, quit my job and took the biggest leap into self-employment. Working as a family lifestyle photographer is fun. There are so many different types of people. Some who have no clue what to do, they just stand and look awkward. Some who have the cheesiest grins and look directly at the camera and then there’s the golden type. Who are there to have fun. As a photographer, my job was to turn the previous two types into the latter and I’m pretty sure I smashed it every time. Even with kids that “didn’t like their photo taken”.

To kids standing around and smiling is boring and to be honest, it makes for a boring photo. The more fun you make it. The more fun the photo and those real genuine smiles come alive. As a mama, I know when my kids aren’t feeling photos and we don’t take them if they don’t want to of course. But if they are up for it this sheet trick works every time. Genuine smiles? They are guaranteed.

And what’s great about this? You only need a sheet and a camera. Hey, you don’t even need a “proper” camera you can use your phone. If you can sit near a window or a door where the light comes in. That helps to keep the photos bright and light. Then pop a white sheet over your head and your little one. You can get them to play hide and seek, move the sheet, hide toys and props in there and just have some fun. You’ll get some giggles and some gorgeous photos. I have done it with Edie since she was a baby and it always works! It’s a fun way to document their childhood and take some amazing portraits!

You can see exactly how I did and behind the scenes right here.

Will you give it a go?

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