Goals for 2021. Hello 2021. Goodbye 2020.

It’s a little bit of a tradition of mine to sit down and write a few goals for the new year. I know not everyone likes them but I love it. I always take time off at Christmas and that leaves me feeling ready and excited to take on a new year. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Of course, there is still a lot of uncertainty with the world but that doesn’t stop me dreaming and working out what really matters to me. Interestingly, apart from travel, I met most of my goals last year, which just goes to show you that 2020 wasn’t a complete write-off.

Family Goals:

Get Outdoors More.

2020 taught us getting outside was a crucial part of survival. We found a love of walking, exploring the seasons and enjoying the fresh air. We’ve already set out for a walk every day of the holidays so far. A manageable and easy goal for us all.

Switch Off Sunday.

December is always one of my busiest months and it has meant that weekends have been jam-packed. I want to enjoy these quieter months and spend every Sunday as family time.  As soon as Norah goes to nursery in April my workload gets spread over 3 hours 5 days a week so I’m hoping weekends will be a lot less frantic.

More Fun.

Picnics in the garden, celebrating teddies birthdays (we did this in lockdown and it was so much fun), building dens, puddle jumping, taking a flask of hot chocolate on a walk. All those small things that make the best kind of memories.

Work Goals:

Write A Book

It’s 100% happening. What I want to write doesn’t exist, I want it to be one of those gifts you would give your friend when they told you they were expecting. I want it to be something people treasure. And it 100% is happening this year. I am writing it and I will find someone to publish it!

There’s More Than Instagram

I dabbled in Pinterest and writing on here more last year but I definitely want to put my eggs in more than one basket. Less time scrolling and worrying about Instagram, more time creating on other platforms too. And more blogging because I take so many photos and they need a place to go. I’m making myself accountable for weekly posts. Come and prod me if I don’t haha!

E-Courses & Coaching

Another one I find myself never getting around too but once again it’s happening this year. My Pin It and Create courses will go live in February. There I’ve said it so I’ve got to stick to it now!

Life Goals:

Another one? 

I would love this year to be the year we add another baby to the mix, if we are lucky enough, of course, I am not naive to think these things just happen. One more and then done.


As a couple, we are almost completely debt-free. So I would love to put some savings together to get a deposit for a house. I have big dreams and again I’m not naive to think it will happen this year but laying the foundations of saving can definitely happen.


Just before Christmas, I got myself an exercise bike. Then the busy month of December took over and I found less and less time. Now I’m carving out time for me. I feel better mentally with exercise and more of it is going to happen. We’re also cutting down takeaways, I know they are easy and delicious but they are expensive and I never feel good after eating them. Cutting down to one every two weeks instead.

And I’m going to leave it there. I’ve seen people pick a word of the year before and I thought I would give it a go. This year is all about nourishment. Nourishing myself, my business and our family. Expressing gratitude for what we do have and working towards what we want. I’m the kind of person who wants things immediately but this year I’m going to take it steady and slow and see what happens.

Happy New Year!

Photos edited with Little Paper Swan Presets.

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