Edith’s Tiny Bedroom Makeover

Do you know those people who turn around a whole room redecoration within in a week? Well, I am not one of those people. Haha. We started project move the rooms around upstairs in August. Edith’s room and our room were finished by November. Norah’s room? It’s still a work in progress haha! However, I think it’s more realistic. We don’t have an unlimited budget or unlimited time and now I really feel like her room is complete. So let me show you around.

First of all, I should say this is the box room in the house. It’s teeny. We did have our Kingsize bed in it at one point and we couldn’t fit much else in. But it’s the perfect size for Edie. Her bed fits in nicely and she has room for drawers and her little makeup table. It’s perfect for her right now.

I wanted the room to be pretty, perfect for a 5-year-old but also slightly more grown-up. A space that could grow with her. I think it really works. I went for a warm vintage kind of vibe. With soft tones but also a good pop of colour. Edie is bright and colourful so it was essential.

The gallery wall (AD PR) is my favourite. I used a mix of poster hangers and wooden trouser hangers. I saw the idea on Pinterest and wanted to give it a go. It worked out so much cheaper and it’s a real focal point. We couldn’t make too many changes as we rent and we want to keep things neutral, we felt a gallery wall was the perfect way to add colour without painting!

I’ll link everything below. But I am so happy with how this space has turned out. Now maybe onto Norah’s room? Haha.

*affiliate links – I make a few pennies from each sale. It costs you no extra.

Bed canopy – Similar here*


A little bit of magic banner

Bamboo mirror


Duvet cover*

Rainbow cushion*

Yellow pom pom cushion – TK Maxx

Bunny toy*

Prints (AD PR) Juniqe

Poster Hangers*

Wooden Trouser Hangers*

Dressing table – B&M

Alice Book*

Rug – The Range

Circle Shelf – B&M

Stacking Princess Dolls – Sketch Inc

Spice Rack Shelf

Rattan planter

Faux plant

“Edith” wooden sign

Expandable Hooks*

Netted bag*

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