Bright & Colourful Lockdown Birthday Party.

Okay so strictly speaking it wasn’t a “Lockdown” Birthday. But we were only allowed to have 6 people back in September and as there is 4 of us it meant we could only have 2 more people over anyway, rather than the usual 14 (close family) we end up with normally! But that didn’t stop me from going all out, simply because I absolutely love putting together parties for the girls! I’ve linked all the items at the end!

Now Edith is all about bright, bold and colourful colours so I wanted something that would reflect her. I wanted it to be uniquely Edie and I think I hit that nail on the head. It was definitely colourful! Each birthday has to have a number balloon it is the law!!! Haha. It’s something we have done every year. We picked this one up from Card Factory.  The balloons on the ceiling were a selection I found on ebay. The red balloons were supposed to be browner toned but I think they actually worked pretty well.

The tassel garlands were my favourite!! And I love that they are something we can use again and again. They were only £10 and will last forever! The paper star garlands helped finished off h=the style too! I cut them down as they were super long.

And then, of course, the beautiful banner. The super lovely MegCatHooray sent it especially and again it’s something we can reuse every year. It’s so special and it just made everything look perfect. I was so happy with how everything looked! We were also set a beautiful cake topper and a birthday hat. All the items are so well made and honestly something I’ll treasure.

Edith’s beautiful badge was another gift from the lovely Tilda & Wilde. We had Edie’s party a week after as we went to Center Parcs for her birthday. She wore it with pride!

The beautiful napkins and plates are from Meri Meri, the most beautiful party store. The fitted the theme so perfectly!

We had so much fun and it didn’t matter that it was only 6 of us. The girls loved it. We played party games and ate lots of delicious food (a blog post all about that is coming soon!). It just goes to show you don’t need to go anywhere to make their party special and it doesn’t matter if you can’t invite everyone. As I write this in January 2021 we are about to celebrate 3 birthdays in the next couple of months and we’re going to make the most of it! Even with someones 30th! I can’t wait to plan it all already!


Star Garlands (AFF LINK)

Tassel Garlands (AFF LINK)

Personalised Banner (AD PR PRODUCT)


Wooden Cake Topper (AD PR PRODUCT)

Personalised Badge (AD PR PRODUCT)

Balloons (AFF LINK)

Cake Stand ( AFF LINK)

Edie’s Bow

Floral Paper Plates

Floral Paper Napkins

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