Blanket Fort Afternoons – Lockdown Activity Idea

Ohhhh I would love to go back to this moment when we had a tiny bit more freedom and when we were all together. I’m missing the Christmas Holidays already! One of my favourite moments was making this blanket fort one afternoon. It took up our dining area and it was hung up across the while open-plan space but it was worth it. It was magic and the girls enjoyed every moment. Edie loved it so much she begged for a sleepover. So that night we brought her mattress and bedcovers down so she could sleep downstairs. She loved it!

It was so magical inside and considering we just used 2 bed sheets for the tent and whatever blankets we could find to make it cosy I’m super impressed. The fairy lights of course added a touch of magic too. I used wire ones. They are perfect as they don’t get hot ad you can bend them into place however you need too!

With the UK in yet another Lockdown I thought it would be a perfect idea if you had a birthday coming up. It was so special and it would make such a lovely home birthday party. You could order pizza and sit in the blanket fort and then let the kids fall asleep, you could even have a “midnight feast” with sweets. Orrr go the extra mile and project a film.

And of course, you don’t need a birthday as an excuse. Blanket Fort’s make an excellent Lockdown activity idea! Better yet a place to hide until this all goes away? See you in 2035 haha!

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Photos edited with Festive Moment – Little Paper Swan Presets

Bedding – Laredoute**

Sheets – She in** & Vintage

Fairy Lights РAmazon  **

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