Make Your Own Slogan Tee for Kids DIY

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I’ve been looking for slogan tee’s for the girls for a while now but I can never quite find what I’m looking for. After a while I thought why not make my own! That way I could create whatever I wanted to create.  So I had a quick Google and found out that t-shirt transfer paper was fairly cheap (and also easy to use, once you know how!) and I could get the girls some plain t shirts cheaply off Amazon too. Of course you could use plain tops you already have. Why not give them a quick makeover instead?

So I got onto Canva and made my design. I used an A4 plain template.  We’ve been re-watching This Is Us recently and Beth calls her daughters little mamas and I just love it. It was the perfect “slogan” for the tops. I used the font Shrikhand on Canva and picked a vintage looking orangey brown color (very technical there Cathryn!)

Then I downloaded the image. I followed the instructions for the paper ( it comes with a little booklet tat is super helpful to get you started!) and set my printer up to the correct settings. It worked a treat, printing the image in reverse so it came out the right way on transfer.

Then you simply cut around the words and iron on to the top for 15 secs with a hot iron. Leave it to cool completely and then peel away. As easy as that!!

It would work well for adult tee’s, you would just need a bigger shirt and a bigger print. Or why not print cute baby vests! I know what I’ll be doing if we have another baby in the future. The possibilities are endless. Now just to decide on what to print next, of course I’m thinking seasonal too!

So are you going to give it a go?

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