Bear Birthday Party Food

The final but arguably the most important instalment, birthday party food. Bear themed of course. I’ll start with the most labour intensive the birthday cake. I used my go to recipe, the one I’ve been making since Edith’s first birthday, you can find the recipe here.

I topped the cake with the DIY Animal Topper I made. Then onto the cupcakes. These were one of my favourites. So simple but they looked so good. I used a Betty Crocker cake mix and chocolate icing. Then some edible googly eyes, I trimmed down a Jaffa cake to just the jelly with a malteaser “glued” with the chocolate icing on top. I then used Giant chocolate buttons for the ears. They looked so good and tasted amazing too!

The bear paw biscuits went down a treat on the sweet party food table too. Again another super simple recipe but they looked so good.  We served shop bought brownie squares and meringues to be the “thick ooozy mud” and “the swirling whirling snowstorms” from We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

We needed something for the swishy swishy grass and my husband had the idea of colouring white chocolate green and dipping breadsticks into it.  They tasted AMAZING!

My favourite things out of all the birthday party food? The Bear Trail Mix and Bear Mallows. The trail mix idea came from Amy  and oh my goodness it went down a treat. It was a mix of Twirl bites, Malteasers, Aero Bubbles, Chocolate Buttons, White Chocolate Buttons, Malteaser Buttons and mini teddy bear biscuits. I made the teddy bears using these cutters  and using the dough from the bear paws recipe. It gave me enough to make the paws and plenty of bears.

My next favourite was chocolate dipped marshmallows. I popped two marshmallows together on a skewer, dipped into melted chocolate and then placed a bear on the top. I laid the skewer on baking paper while setting in the fridge (so the back was flat, however this made no difference). They were so good and the kids loved them too!

Of course no birthday party food table is complete without a beige buffet. We served Norah’s favourites. Plenty of crisps, pork pies, chicken nuggets, pizza, fries, dips, porkpies and cold meats. My mum made sausage rolls in the shape of bear claws. As always I over catered but guests left with plates of food.

It really was a lovely birthday party and I’ve loved writing up all these posts. You can find all the party posts here

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