3 ways to get Creative with your photography

creative photography idea girl riding pink banwood bike with daisy wheels

Being able to create “creative” photographs doesn’t mean you have to be a photoshop wizard, or have the most amazing props. Quite often imagination counts for far more. I’ve got three ways to encourage a little bit of playful photography. Don’t think they have to be perfect, they don’t ever have to been seen by anyone but if you don’t try it you’ll never know.

I’ve also created some “Creativity Cards”. It’s a free print out when you sign up to my mailing list #thecreativemonth (existing members will have received theirs already). Just print them out, cut them out and get creative. You can find the link below. Meanwhile here are some creative ideas to get you started. 

flowers make great props

It’s so true. I am a bit of a flower addict and would buy myself a bunch each week, but recently I’ve been making the most of what we have growing around us.

Daisies and dandelions can be found in the grass on the pavement and make for wonderful props.

photo ideas:

Arrange flowers to make different shapes. Rainbows, big flowers, tea cups. The possibilities are endless.

Play with perspective. Flowers make great “skirts, hats and dresses”.

Use flowers as the background. From blossom to wisteria, make the most of the block of colour.

pics art creative photograph of blossom and butterflies

doodles & art

It’s amazing how a doodle or “sticker” can take your photo from something simple, to something extraordinary. You can use apps or png files on photoshop.

photo ideas:

Add rainbows and lens flares.

Add butterflies They can make a photo look so magical.

Add flowers to make it look like they are growing around you.

Add doodles and lines

get creative with backgrounds

You really don’t need to worry about finding specific locations of buying things to use as backgrounds. Sometimes you have everything you need at home with you. Sometimes looking up or down can help too. Think outside of the box, don’t think of the obvious!

photo ideas:

The sky makes for a perfect blue background, the same goes for green grass too!

Tape book pages to the wall with washi tape (remove carefully).

Use different coloured bed sheets and create scenes holding the camera above.

Sheets hanging on the line look amazing as backgrounds.

I hope that’s got you thinking of some creative ideas and if not why not download my Creativity Cards for free to help! You can get them by clicking here.

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