Creative Maternity Photography Ideas

I have to admit, I loved being pregnant. I loved my big bumps and I took every opportunity to document my ever expanding bump. Some people however don’t love being pregnant and they don’t want to take millions of photos. I totally get that, but I would 100% say take photos. Although 9 months can seem like an awful long time it’s flies by and one day you’ll look back on those days. Without photos, without documenting there’s not much to look back on.

You might not want to get super creative you may just take a few selfies but please do it! And if you do want to get a little creative, well I’ve put together this blog post with a few ideas on how to capture that ever-growing bump!

Bumps in Water

I don’t know why but I just find milk bath photos so beautiful and with a beautiful bump. Well it’s even better! Get someone to help you. Fill the bath tub with water (and a 6pint of milk) get it (slowly) and place flowers all around. Then get your helpful assistant to snap away. So beautiful.

Bumps & Blooms

Because everything is better with blooms right? They make a great prop against your beautiful bump and you can pick them up quite cheaply in supermarkets. Get creative and use one flower balanced on your bump, or cradle your bump with one hand and hold the flowers with the other. Bumps and flowers are just meant to be!!!

Bare All (well ish)

I didn’t take photos like this with Edith and I’m so glad I did the second time around with Norah. It makes you appreciate just how incredible your body is. Growing that beautiful baby. Grab some matching undies and a dressing gown and put your camera on self timer. These photos don’t need to be published anywhere if you don’t want but you’ll be grateful you took them.


Make the most of what’s around you. Christmas trees in the background make for great bokeh (blurry lights). Be playful with pumpkins or find blossom. Use what’s around you at the time to remember those months you were carrying.

Sibling Love

And of course, my favourite. Get siblings involved. Whether that’s a toddler resting on your bump, close ups of bumps used as a mountain or your little one cuddling your even littler one. It’s just lovely to get siblings involved.

I hope that gives you a little bot of bump photo inspiration, it’s not helped my broodiness at all haha! I have a Pinterest board full of beautiful bump shots if you need more inspiration.

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