Hair Accessories & How I Wear Them

Back in 2018 when the trend for hair accessories started I thought I can’t wear them! I’ll look 12. And now? I have a collection that Edith thinks is pretty special haha! Truth be told a hair accessory is now a part of my life. Especially on those “I should have washed my hair” kinda days. Especially on those school runs. A hair band makes me look a little more put together haha! So I’m going to share my favourite ways to wear!

Scrunchies & Bobbles

Now these are the ones that make me feel 12 haha! But I love how they make a simple pony or top knot look that extra bit special. There’s also something so ” Springy” (made that word up) about them. It’s like they just pick me up on a cold day! Pony tails are my go to when I want to get stuff done. So busy days are perfect for a scrunchie (or two!).


Hairbands are my favourite for hiding hair that should have been washed! Simply pop on and go. It makes it look like you’ve put some effort in too. On days it’s covering my hair I tend to sweep it all back and place the band on the top. If my hair is looking alright then I keep the parting and tuck my “fringe” pieces behind my ears. All of the hairbands I have are super cheap too. Most come from Asda and I paid £5 for the most expensive. A couple of them were on offer for £1. You can’t argue you with that! I also have some from Primark. In fact it’s one of those things I can’t resit picking up.

Clips & Slides

Possibly my favourite. Practical to keep hair out of my eyes but pretty! Sometimes it’s one big statement one, I also love the plain gold ones I have too. And then when I’m feeling extra fancy (ha!) I layer up a few. They just look so pretty, especially when I curl my hair. Once again most of mine are from Primark & Asda (I do shop other places I promise!) and again they’re normally really inexpensive to pick up!

So that’s my little round up of hair accessories I l one and how I wear them! Are you a hair accessory kind of person? Have I convinced you to give it a go and not feel 12?! Here’s to happy hair days!

Photos edited with “The White One” and dust overlays (coming soon) from Little Paper Swan Shop.

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