DIY Party Animal Cake Topper

In the first of the party blog posts. I thought I would share a super simple DIY that I created for Norah’s cake topper. As we had a bear hunt themed birthday party I of course went for a bear, but you could use any animal you liked.

One of the best things about this DIY is that it cost me the grand total of £7 which is a lot cheaper than some animal cake toppers. So if you’re wanting to create your own party animal cake topper then follow the instructions below!

For this DIY you will need:

An animal of your choice – I used this bear (aff link)

Pom poms – You can pick these up from a discount shop (Poundland, B&M etc)

A wallpaper sample – You can pick these up from DIY shops, discount stores, homeware stores and small amounts are free to take! (of course check first)

Super glue

Ribbon, trim etc

Step one – Trace around a small circle, I used a roll of washing tape. Cut out the circle and then cut the circle to the middle. Like so.

Step two – Roll the paper into a cone shape to create a mini party hat. You may need to trim it down a little to get the right size for your animal.

Step three – Glue the hat in place using a small amount of super glue. Then glue the pom pom on top. Spread a thin amount of super glue around the base of the hat and place on top of your animal. I went for over one ear! Hold in place for a minute to ensure it’s stuck on well.

Step four – Use leftover ribbon, trim etc to create a tutu or other accessories. Glue those into place. Leave to set and ta-da! One super simple Party Animal Cake Topper.

And it’s as simple as that! Easy enough to give it a go yourself. The gorgeous “Norah is two” cake topper was kindly gifted from @wildoneandi .

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