#creativefrominside – Finding creativity

You would have to living in a deep dark hole to not be aware of what’s currently going on in the world. Social media is a wonderful tool but it can be overwhelming in a time like this. So with the #springhashtagchallenge not looking likely to go ahead I thought that I would bring you #creativefrominside . A mini challenge to keep us creative. To keep our minds busy in times of social distancing and isolation.

Photography is my passion. If I was a painter I would paint in times like this, a writer, I would write but I’m a photographer. And getting creative is such an escape. So with all this in mind the challenge will start on Monday the 23rd of March for 5 days. 5 prompts and hopefully a wonderful community coming together. A way to find light through such a dark time.

The prompts can be found above. The idea is everything can be taken inside. You can find beautiful moments in the everyday. Everyday creativity is there if you look. I thought I would put together a little moodpboard for each prompt to hopefully give you some creative ideas.

Monday 23rd March – Home is a cup of tea. Hopefully something we all have access to and if not you could use an empty mug, a toy cup etc. It doesn’t have to be literal at all. You can definitely think outside the box. You could create a beautiful flatly, or a self portrait. Other drinks will be allowed haha you’re not just restricted to tea!

Tuesday 24th March – Blooms from outside. You could take this literally, bringing flowers in. Our camellia has just bloomed in the front garden and even the weeds in the back garden can be pretty. Or get creative and make some flowers out of paper. Or use apps like PicsArt to add flowers on. With Spring finally making an appearance a nod to it had to be included!

Wednesday 25th March – What brings you joy. Share your favourite things. It could be photos of your babies, chocolate, books, those quiet moments. Anything that makes you happy.

Thursday 26th March – Get Crafty. Photograph your makes, your children’s creations. Or make props for the photo. You could bake something too!

Friday 27th March – In my hands. Hands tell stories and with the emphasis on hand hygiene I couldn’t not include them! Think outside the box. Close ups with flatlays, holding props, books, babies etc.

It would be wonderful if you could join in, there’s no pressure to join in each day but as and when you can. Let’s find some postivity in the world.

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