#AD Four Favourite Books for Pre-Schoolers & Celebrating World Book Day with Matalan

My girls have always loved books. I think it’s because we have always read to them since they were tiny babies. There’s nothing more magical seeing their imagination and books help fuel that massively. We’re celebrating World Book Day with Matalan this year and Edith couldn’t resist the Elsa dress. When Norah was a newborn Edith received a beautiful book from pre-school called “A Sister More Like Me”. It was about Elsa and Anna and how they celebrate their differences. It was such a perfect book for Edith, because she was a big sister! Now Norah enjoys that book too! It’s so lovely to see.

In honour of World Book Day I thought my “Elsa” and I would share four of her favourite books. All four are just lovely and they are ones she asks for time and time again.

Edie – I mean this one should need no explanation. We bought this for Edith’s 3rd birthday. Mainly down to the fact it was called Edie. But the story is lovely. It’s about a “helpful” little girl who’s helping sometimes get her in trouble. There’s a lot of similarities with Edith and Edie and it has such beautiful illustrations too!

Super Duper You – From the same author as Edie another lovely story. About a little brother celebrating all the unique quirks his little sister has. A story that shows little ones it’s okay to be different and to celebrate your individual quirks!

The Girls – This one brings tears to my eyes. Again beautiful illustrations but the most heartwarming tale. Following four girls growing up from meeting under the tree as little girls to sharing the highs and lows of life together. It’s honestly the most beautiful book.

Open Very Carefully – This book plays to Edith’s sense of humour. It starts off as the tale of The Ugly Duckling but a crocodile turns up, bites the book, you draw a tutu on the crocodile and you have to shake that naughty Croc out of the book! She loves it, we also have the second one which is great too!

Celebrate your child’s love of reading on World Book Day and don’t forget to pick up your outfit from Matalan. With costumes in store and online, from Elsa to Matilda, I’m sure you’ll find something for your book worm!

This post is in paid partnership with Matalan.

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