Simple Creative Newborn Photography

When I was pregnant with Norah I made myself a Pinterest board of photos I wanted to take of her when she was born. The reason behind this? Because I knew that once she was here my brain would feel like mush and getting creative would be the very last thing to think about but I knew I wanted to document those tiny baby moments because we all know they fly by so quickly. So I thought it might be helpful to share a few ideas of creative newborn photos. All of them are simple and require very little brain power which after having a baby is excellent but it will provide you with gorgeous memories to look back on! So here we go!

Hold Them

We tend to think that we should have the babies laying down to photograph them but more often than not they’re not to happy about that! So embrace their need for comfort and hold them! If you don’t want to be “in” the photo wear light/white clothes and blend in with the background. You could hold them out and then crop yourself out of the photo like below. Or embrace the cuddle and get Dad’s involved. That little bit of beard and the sweet cuddle of Norah in his arms.

Creative Angles

Play with angles. Taking a photo from above with your baby resting on your legs. Or from the side. It doesn’t have to be a straight shot. I love how Norah is resting in my legs not only does it make for an interesting composition but it shows just how small she was at the time. The fact she could fit in that space.

Close Ups – Capture the Detail

There is nothing more intimate and beautiful as close ups newborns. The tiny fuzz on their ears, the rolls of chub. Lay them on you and capture with your phone. You could use blankets and muslins as a pretty backgrounds. Capture those moments of feeding or those bendy froggy legs (she still does this with her feet sometimes at almost 2!) Those tiny details make for such gorgeous memories and such gorgeous photos!


Lets face it, there is nothing cuter than oversized bows and hats! And baskets make for wonderful photos too. There only small once and very soon they won’t let you so go ahead! Play with angles, Norah in the basket on the rug made the background more exciting than our old carpet! Flowers are a great one too! Lay them around the baby, hold and bunch while cuddling them. Experiment with what looks good!

The most important tip I would say is don’t stress yourself out of taking nice photographs, enjoy those moments with your baby! If they’re not feeling it, try again later that day!

I hope this post has give you some ideas you can find more creative photographs on my Instagram feed by clicking here.

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