7 Happy Things

Part of my 2020 goals was to blog more. Share little things, simple things, go back to when my blog was a diary of what I’ve been doing. So here is just that…

  1. The bittersweet end of Norah’s breastfeeding journey. Such a tricky one. I’m happy and proud that I’ve fed her for so long, sad that it’s the end.
  2. Staying on top of the laundry. Such a simple thing but for once our washing is all put away. I’m hoping we can keep it up! Keep everything crossed for me.
  3. The girls playing together. They are at such a lovely age right now and getting on most of the time.
  4. Getting back into routine. Although it means my work time is drastically reduced it’s been nice to get Edith back to nursery.
  5. Not spending. I’m trying not to spend much in January other than basics. December was a spendy month. It’s been nice to not visit the shop everyday.
  6. Drinking water! Haha a simple one again but I’ve managed to get in 3 litres each day !
  7. And finally the best until last! I signed to Influencer! It’s a huge step for me in my career. This year I had other projects planned out but taking this amazing opportunity was too good to miss. I’m so excited to see where this year leads me, where it pushes me, what I do next. Right now? It’s an open book.

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