2020 Hopes & Goals

I know the whole of the online community seems to dislike setting goals for the year but I love it. It’s a time to sit down and work out what I want to achieve. Last year was the first year I didn’t and I winged it in style, eeeek! Haha. But this year I vow to be a little more organised with things. So I thought why not get back to my blog (see more below) and share what I would love to achieve in 2020.

I put no pressure on myself at all and if they happen then that’s amazing and if they don’t? Well there’s always next year. I’ve broken them up into three sections. Family, Work and Life. It pretty much covers the subjects. So without further ado here we go.


  • I hope to make the most of having Edith in only half days. 2020 will see her starting full time school in September and that seems like way too soon. So I’m going to plan my week’s a little better with either something to do or somewhere to visit. As simple as baking on a Monday, park trips on a Thursday. Because this time is just too precious to waste.
  • I hope to visit more places. This was the plan for the summer of 2017, instead Norah’s pregnancy took us by surprise. I felt horrendous with sickness the whole summer. So this year I want to explore. Say yes to adventure!
  • Take more time off. I’m not sure if this should be under this one or work. Being self employed means I do everything within my business and weekends are often full of work. I hope that I can work on a Saturday but keep Sunday’s completely free for family time.


  • Dream bigger. Update my website, create E-courses or an eBook. I had a wonderful creative mentoring session with the wonderful Charlie Swift and she helped me workout what I wanted to do!
  • Presets will always been a huge part of my life too. So I’m excited to see where that goes. It’s my pride and joy.
  • I hope to continue with my email newsletter. It brings me so much joy writing it and I love that you guys love it too!
  • I hope to keep blogging! Oh Little Paper Swans. It’s where I started after all and I’m reclaiming this space. Not necessarily for work but to share things like I used. Day’s out. Maybe weekly roundups of what made me happy that week. Who knows but I’m owning this space again!


  • I hope to take care of myself a little better. Drink more water because my skin needs it! Eat more fruit and veg. Things I used to do a lot more of. I want to get back to my yoga because it makes my mind and body feel good. I want to feel good again. I’m not bothered about numbers on scales. It’s more about feeling healthy.
  • I also want to find my love for fashion again. After being pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 5 years, babies have dictated my wardrobe. Norah will most probably stop feeding this year so it will be nice to have that freedom again.
  • Organise myself a little better. Now Norah is approaching 2 and is so much more content I have that breathing space again. I can do housework in the day. I don’t want to have to spend one day a month deep cleaning an putting away six million baskets of laundry. I want to keep on top of things. It will be simple, small changes. Like putting clothes away when I get dressed in the mornings etc. Simple, manageable but well save me so much time and stress in the long run.

And I’m going to leave it with those 10 because we all know what I’m like I take on a million things at once. So here’s to 2020. Keeping it simple, keeping it organised and dreaming big!

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