Creating Photography Backgrounds

This blog post contains images that were used for #AD’s & #Gifted items. All opinions are my own.

Now if there is something I like when it comes to creative photography, it’s a good background! And although I love a coloured wall (read all about that here) sometimes I want to stay at home and make the most of the walls I have right here. So I thought I would put together a little guide on how I do that and some lovely person on Instagram asked me to (sorry if that was you! I’ve completely forgotten who it was?)

First things first you’re going to need some washi tape or masking tape. Or both! This will mean you can stick things to your walls without damaging them! You will need to be super careful when you do remove them as if you pull off too quickly that might cause damage. I get my washi tape from cheap shops (i.e Poundland, Home Bargains etc). Masking tape is cheap enough to pick up from anywhere! I’m always in need of more as my girls love to play with my tape!

Get Wordy

One of my favourite props to use for backgrounds is pages. If you’re a book lover look away now! But I go to charity shops and buy their 20p books and then carefully tear out the pages! I keep re-using the pages for as long as possible and then recycle them once they get too tatty. They are great for places sporadically on the wall or creating a whole wall full of pages! I sometimes pair them with flowers or other props depending on the kind of photos I want to take!

I stick the pages on the wall using washi tape if I want it to been seen. The gold tape looks great against the book pages. And then masking tape if I don’t want it to be seen. Sometimes I photoshop out the tape marks, most of the time I like to leave them in.

You can also get creative with the angles you use. I put my legs up in the air in the photo above to create a bit of an illusion. You can get as creative as you like! The Women’s Slippers in the image were gifted from the lovely Celtic & Co. I’m a little bit in love with them!

Get Crafty

I quite often think that my job is very much that of an Art Attack presenter! I seem to forever be cutting out shapes to stick on the wall. I have cut out hearts, leaves, stars, Christmas lights and even glittery bats! You just need some coloured card or paper and a few templates. I use cookie cutters or print off a template to trace around. I then cut out the shapes I need. I then use the tape to fold over to make it sticky on both sides and stick to the wall. That way you don’t see any of the tape!

Get nature

Flowers on the wall (#myflowersonthewall) are always pretty! You could use seasonal flowers or whatever you an get your hands on! Gathering things on a walk is also lovely. You could string up a load of pinecones to hang on to the walls or find the prettiest leaves to tape up! I find that when it comes to things like this your best to stick them on randomly rather than in an order. It can be hard to get them right so if it’s random it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect.

Get Creative

Think outside the box. In the image above I used five of my mum’s scarfs taped to the wall. It made such a lovely backdrop. You could use shower curtains or pieces of material. There are endless possibilities!

I hope that gives you a little bit of inspiration for your photographs? It’s just a case of experimenting and seeing what works for you! So are you going to give it a try?

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