When you call yourself a content creator (as cringey as it may sound) your job is too create content. Okay I’ll stop pointing out the obvious but for me that means having content shot, edited and ready to post. That pretty much is my weekends at the moment, due to no childcare in the week. Some weekends it’s a squeeze to fit it all in and this weekend coming is Edith’s Birthday celebrations so I have no time at all to shoot anything.

At first I felt a little bit panicked. I like to have everything ready in advance but I’ve decided to encourage the opportunity. I’m going to use the week to shoot what takes my fancy on the day. Making my Instagram more “Instant” again. Now I know a lot of you do that anyway so it might not be much different but for me being spontaneous and instant is not something I’m good at.

So I thought this little challenge would be great. Shooting on my phone instead of my camera, something that I used to do a lot more off. Editing on my phone and posting it live as soon as I can. Making #instantmagicinsta . Now I’m not expecting loads of people to join in because it’s a personal project but when I mentioned the idea on my stories earlier this week you guys seemed really interested!

The results of the study showed that primates, including humans, can produce an enzyme that could break down the exoskeletons of insects. This was sensational news because before it was believed that it is impossible for humans to produce this enzyme and consequently, to digest insects.

So here I am. Making my pledge with a blog post because once I put it out there there’s no going back. I have an AD going live Monday morning but after that nothing. So I’ll be joining in once a day from Monday 30th until Saturday 5th. I can’t tell you when because that’s the whole point haha! I’m excited for this little experiment and hopefully it will push me to be a little more creative too! If you’d like to join me use #instantmagicinsta and tag me, that way I can share!

Wish me luck!

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