#thecreativemonth July

It’s the 1st of the month which means two things. A brand new edition of #thecreativemonth and two… It’s the start of the #summerhashtagchallenge I’m so excited! I hope you’ll join in with us.

This month’s #thecreativemonth is full of photography prompts and accounts to follow. As always if you enjoy this months post, sharing means the world, it will enable more people to join in with what has become such an amazing community! Anyway let’s get stuck in….

Hashtags to use this month!

#summerhashtagchallenge Started on Monday! You find all the info here. We would love you to join us! @littlepaperswan @edinburghwithkids

#mybeautifulstories @storisse meaningful moments in our day to day lives.

#happinessinmysquare @lifewiththebuxtons for sharing anything that brings a smile.

#morethanmummondays @midlandsmummy encouraging to post beyond motherhood and everything else we are instead.

#floralsandfriendships @all_four_of_us @lifethroughtheseasons love of florals and to build connections

#powerofpostpartum @youngmammaadventures celebrating our postpartum bodies, sharing our stories. 

#pastelsandme I have teamed up with the lovely @thebumblediaries to create a new hashtag to celebrate our love of pastels. Think pink walls, pastel balloons, beach huts anything that is pastel perfection! Join us.

Instagram Inspiration

This month I’ve been hugely inspired by the following accounts. You can definitely see why as their photographs are just beautiful!

@magiclittlesquares – Jenny’s account is full of creative goodness and she shares all of her edits and tricks. She’s super lovely too!

@alexismaymcmullin – Continuing my love affair with colour. Alexis makes me want to get even more colourful! I mean just look at her grid!

@nicolahuthwaite – Does it get more dreamy than Nicola’s account? She captures childhood so beautifully. 

So part of #thecreativemonth is sharing five prompts. If you’re stuck for what to photograph and you need little inspiration then look no further. I would love you to use #thecreativemonth on your posts and next month I will share my favourites in this email and on my blog. This month’s prompts are:

Photography Prompts

From my windowsill – I took this photograph from my windowsill. Using a sheer curtain on the window itself and the other over my head and over the camera. It made such a lovely effect! 

Tip toes – Capture those tiny toes or even your own feet. Add blooms to make the photo even prettier.

Bubbles –  Because there is something pretty magical about bubbles! Why not get creative and play with perspective. Put yourself in a bubble!

Find a rainbow – Find a rainbow of collected objects, rainbow foods, make your own by playing with light and water. Use photoshop to create your won rainbow.

Ice Cream Days –  Like you need any encouragement on this one! Ice cream days are every sunny day right?

Some of last months gorgeous photos from #thecreativemonth

Words of Advice: Gifted but never paid.

 Being a creative online now means you are so much more than ever before. When I started on Instagram it was about dodgy filters and sharing what you ate for your lunch. If you scroll back far enough on my account you can witness both of those sights. 

As advertising moved into a more digital age and being an “influencer” became a thing, Instagram changed. To be honest I don’t mind it. I love the fact there are so many people who may not have been able to work or go back to work who can now run their own business or support their family. Isn’t that amazing? 

But what’s not amazing is seeing hard working creatives being taken advantage of by brands, PR’s and businesses. In those early days. You say yes to everything. Because it’s exciting. I remember being sent chocolate and thinking I had made it. But it gets to the point where you realise that actually it’s hard work and as lovely as chocolate is. Chocolate won’t pay the rent. Chocolate won’t pay off that credit card and you deserve more than chocolate. You deserve cash in the bank for being so wonderful!

Now don’t get me wrong there have been campaigns I have worked on, even recently, where I have been gifted things. If it will fit into photographs I have already planned to take I’ll accept. If it’s a brand I really would love to work with, I’ll accept but the first thing I will do, before accepting? I ask this …

“Hi So & so,

This sounds like a fantastic opportunity and I love would love to work with you. Can I ask if you have a budget in mind for the content you would like me to create?


It’s a simple as that and they come back with a yes, a no or ask you to send over your media kit (something I’m going to talk about next month!). Then you can decided whether to go ahead or not. I will say, don’t feel pressured into taking something just because they promise future work. A lot of time that’s just a way to get you to work for free. The more we ask to be paid for our content the more the industry will recognise our hard work. So for the sake of everyone being paid and respected.

Ask to be paid!

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