Bedtime with Simba #AD

Sleep is something that has never come easy for our girls. Both took a year to settle into some routine and Edith didn’t sleep through the night until she was 14 months old. We are still waiting for Norah to sleep through! But one thing that’s essential for us is the girls comfort.

Being first time parents and not having a lot of money we didn’t buy the best quality cot mattress for Edith. We bought the best we could afford. Because after all a mattress is a mattress isn’t it? No. It’s really not.

The difference with Edith’s sleep came around as soon as we invested in a better mattress for her. That mattress lasted us really well but we stupidly didn’t use a mattress protector so it got a little ruined with various toddler mess!

We upgraded Edith to a Simba mattress in February. And I have to say we are very impressed! It’s so comfy that if we have to comfort Edith in the night we fall asleep next to her. You can’t argue with that!

What impressed us a lot was the fact the mattress comes in a box and you cut open the plastic and it uncurls itself and plumps itself up! It’s so funny to watch. It made is really easy to get the mattress upstairs because it meant we didn’t have to navigate a mattress on our steep staircase.

We have had the mattress for over two months now and I have to say we are really impressed! It’s made for a really comfortable nights sleep and it’s definitely a case of you get what you pay for! And who could put a price on a great nights sleep?

You can get £75 off your own Simba mattress with my link here (affiliate).

This post has been written in exchange for the mattress. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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