10 Reasons Mum’s Should Negotiate Brexit.

So with the whole of the UK either talking about Brexit, actively avoiding Brexit and those who thought they said breakfast, you can’t deny it’s a hot topic. In all honesty it’s a bit of a mess. No one can agree on anything and I know exactly who they need. Mum’s. Because let’s face it we deal with *quite* a lot on a daily basis. So here is 10 reasons why Mum’s should have been in charge of Brexit.

Negotiation Skills. We have a lot. We’ve battled toddlers who refuse to eat their lunch, we’ve negotiated sharing toys at playgroups and the “try one more bit of carrot and you can have dessert” tatic.

We work well under pressure. Changing a poopy nappy with a baby that likes to run away right near your nice rug. Cooking dinner with children around your ankles. Getting your boob out quick enough to feed them to stop the crying. Pressure is nothing to us!

Perseverance. Even when we’ve had no sleep we carry on. We might look like a zombie and survive off coffee and cake but we keep going. Plus we can read books over and over again. We know the words off by heart, even though it kills every single time we read it. We carry on.

We are used to situations where poop goes everywhere. It might look like it’s all going terribly wrong and you debate whether to throw the baby away but we always get the job done even when the poop literally hits the fan.

Familiar with bribery. I mean it’s quite literally how we get anything done. If you want something to happen we can do it. We can make anything work.

Peace Talks. Again another vital part of the day especially where siblings are involved. “She didn’t mean to pull your hair”, “Why don’t you play on the sofa instead?” “Remember we need to be kind”.

We are used to talking to someone who’s first language is not the same as ours. It may have taken us a month to work out that bnnn means balloon but we got there. We can learn language quickly!

We are used to our party switching allegiance. When you get told that Daddy is the best when you deep down that you are indeed the best. We brush it off. We know the truth.

Tidying up after someone else’s mess. Even when your little one (or David Cameron) has torn everything apart as you once knew it, we will still pick up the pieces.

And finally we maintain a professional dialogue even when we do want to call them a &@*%$!.

I mean we could just call the whole thing off instead?

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