Why your AD’s suck!

Okay so the title of this post is a little bit of click bait but stick with me. This is just about how I approach ads. Most of the time my ads do as well as my normal posts, I know many struggle with engagement on posts marked with ad.  I believe it’s all down to the way I approach them. I know the world of ad’s is a heated topic but love them or hate them they are here to stay. So if you are a content creator then you might want to listen up to how to create ads that work . 

When a brand approaches you, you approach a brand or you apply for a Tribe campaign the first thing you need to consider is does the brand fit with you. Because there are certain things I will never promote (gambling, diet product etc). The next thing to consider is how the brand wants you to promote their product. 

Some brands are happy for you to take creative control, these are my favourite. They don’t mind how you include the product and some may not even want the product in the shot at all. With my personal style I don’t like to have big in your face ads. The product needs to fit into my feed. That’s the key.

Make the ad work for you!

When you are thinking about including a product don’t think of the product first sounds odd I know but stick with me. Think of the image you want to create first. So for example.

With this ad I knew I wanted to do something completely different. I wanted to play on the fact the product was a palette. I’m not a beauty blogger so for me creating a beautiful make up look wouldn’t sit right in my feed. However a creative shot would work well. So I came up the idea of using the palette as a paint palette and using a paintbrush to “paint” one of the colours from the palette onto the wall. I knew that this kind of photographs do well on my feed and the product fitted in well. 

I didn’t go out of my way to create a photograph that wouldn’t sit on my grid well. I simply created what I wanted. The brand loved the idea and I had a few people comment on the photograph saying they loved it. It was by making the product work for me that I created a successful ad. 

When a brand wants the product in shot, with their branding in clear focus it can be trickier to do this in way that’s subtle for your grid. However there are ways you can do this without just taking a photo of you holding the product. 

For this photograph I wanted a beautifully styled shot with a colour palette that would a) sit on  my grid well and b) show the product in a way that wasn’t in your face. I decided to sit the product at the front of the image. I turned it to one side so it wasn’t full on and in your face. However you can clearly see the product, the brand name and you know what the ad is for. 

I think using the product in a style shot calls for matching the colours. As this was an ad that went live for Halloween, using dark earthy tones with the props was an essential. Using the old book pages worked really well as they were a similar colour to the writing on the product. That blended really nicely with the white of the curtain. The pumpkins, candles and leaves all sat well together in the background. Using a lower aperture meant that the depth of field (focus) was kept in the foreground of the images i.e the product. It’s a shot the brand really loved and I loved too. 

So that’s my advice when it comes to ads. You need to make them work for you.  

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