How to Use Video on Instagram

Now I’m not going to lie to you until a few months ago the thought of using Video on Instagram was never on my mind. I just didn’t see how it would fit my with style. Oh how wrong I was. Video is a great tool to be different. Not that many people use it so when people do it really stands out. The best thing about using Video on Instagram is that you don’t have to make it complicated. In fact most of my videos are as easy to create as my stills. So never think that you can’t use video to express creativity.

So where do you begin? First of all you are going to need to invest in some blue tack. Silly as it sounds but all of the videos I have taken have involved blue tack. I can tack it to the bottom of my phone and then onto my tripod or a pile of books depending on where I am shooting. Of course you can invest in a proper tripod for your phone but blue tack is a whole lot cheaper. As for equipment your iPhone is good enough. By all means use your camera or whatever means you have.  And other than what you’re videoing that’s all you need. Simple huh?

So before you start filming for your Video on Instagram you need to decide what you’re going to feature. I often feature simple things like cups of tea, candles or fairy lights. Once again the message is keep it simple.

Set up your camera/phone with the blue tack. You need to keep the camera/phone as still as possible. So make sure it’s not going to move.

Then light a candle or get yourself a hot cup of steaming coffee. Pop it in the frame and press record. I tend to record clips for 10 seconds or more just to ensure it’s long enough to upload. Because you are keeping everything else still you get the effect of a cinemagraph without having to download expensive apps or work out how to edit the video in Photoshop.

Dusky pink roses, on an open book and cup of tea photography. Hopes and goals for 2018.

Instagram Stories

Not everyone uses Instagram stories the same and there is no wrong or right way to use it but a lot of people recommend being on there if you want to boost your account. Now I’m not one for showing my face but you really don’t have to. Why not create little mini films on there. You have 15 seconds to fill and that’s all and once you’ve posted it after 24 hours it’s gone for good. Film the sun coming through the window. Why not pop on some music to show people what you like listening too? I don’t use Instagram stories for video as much as I should and I’m hoping to change that.

Look at @wishwishwish for more inspiration. Her Instagram Stories are just dreamy!

I’d love to hear how you use Video on Instagram. You can follow me and see my videos on Instagram here. 

This blog post comes from Lesson Three of my Everyday Creativity Course. More details can be found here.

Do you know how to hashtag properly on Instagram? 

This post has been scheduled in advance whilst I take a little time off to spend with my newborn & family. 

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