Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pasta Recipe

Creamy chicken & bacon pasta recipe

Creamy chicken & bacon pasta recipe

Creamy chicken & bacon pasta recipe

With Autumn well and truly upon us I tend to turn to comfort food for our evening meals. This creamy chicken & bacon pasta recipe is always a winner in our house. I love a creamy pasta and my husband just loves pasta so I know it will get eaten. Even Edith will happily tuck into this creamy chicken & bacon pasta recipe. She even loved the mushrooms.

Of course it’s not the healthiest dish in the world. You could serve it up with some fresh salad or veg if you wanted. It’s a great one for using up leftovers too. We used up our left over chicken and bacon from previous meals which also means it’s extremely budget friendly.

This is a great dish for when we want something filling and comforting but I can still stomach it even when I’m having rough days (seriously morning sickness at 18 weeks!?). 

Like I said we are big pasta loves but we do tend to stick to the usual spaghetti and penne. Luckily the team at Jamie’s Italian have got us covered with this handy guide to pasta. I honestly didn’t know that there were so many types and we definitely need to vary our pasta consumption.

Creamy chicken & bacon pasta recipe

Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pasta Recipe

– Serves 2 –

25 g butter

25g plain flour

600ml milk

3 rashers of bacon, cooked

100g cooked chicken

150g dried spaghetti

100g mushrooms, finely sliced

1 tbsp olive oil

Toss the mushrooms in the olive oil and place into a hot oven (200ºC/Gas 6) until crispy. This normally takes around 15 minutes.

Cook pasta according to pack instructions.

In a medium pan melt the butter and stir in the flour. Cook out the flour for a minute or so.

Gradually add the milk a little a time, whisking contionously, until it’s been absorbed by the butter and flour mixture. Take care while doing this to avoid the sauce becoming too lumpy.

Once the sauce is at the desired thickness take off the heat and stir in the bacon and chicken. Place back on the heat to heat through the bacon and chicken until piping hot.

Add in the cooked pasta. You may need a little pasta water to stop the sauce from becoming too thick.

Season and serve with the crispy mushrooms.

A simple Creamy Chicken & Bacon Pasta Recipe.

This post is in collaboration with Jamie’s Italian. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands that support Little Paper Swans.



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