Hi I'm Cathryn. A Mama, Wife, Photographer, Food Writer and Blogger.

 I started  Little Paper Swans in January 2012 as a New Years Resolution and it is probably the only one I've ever kept to date. Little Paper Swans started off as a fashion blog but I quickly discovered that other people shared my interests of baking, photography and ramblings so I became a "lifestyle" blogger, sharing my life on this little space of the internet. I've just turned self employed. I am a family and wedding photographer and trying my hand at "professional" blogging.

I became a Mama when our beautiful baby girl, Edith, arrived on the 27th of September, 7 days late, you can read her birth story here. She is my world along with my husband. On the 27th of February we tied the knot at a beautiful barn. It seems that everything is coming together nicely.

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