About Me

Nice to meet you! I’m Cathryn.

An award nominated (always the bridesmaid huh?) photography and lifestyle blogger. I started Little Paper Swans as a fashion blog back in 2012. If you scroll back further enough you can see it for yourself (promise not to laugh too much!) ! My blog has involved with me over time. Seeing me through becoming a mother, becoming a wife, leaving my job , becoming self employed and becoming a mother all over again. It appears I don’t like sitting still! But this crazy whirlwind of the last 4 years have been incredible full of things I could never have dreamed of!

Over time my passion for photography has completely changed my blog and in February 2019 I released my first ever set of Lightroom presets. The response has been incredible beyond anything I could have ever imagined! Since then there’s been seasonal updates, e-courses that are being written, alongside other exciting projects. Right now things are super exciting!

You can keep up to date with me by following my Instagram, seeing my inspiration on Pinterest and letting me help keep you creative with my monthly newsletter The Creative Month.