Mulan/Doll Cake Hack

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Edith requested a Mulan cake for her birthday. She never goes for the obvious and that’s what I love so I set out working out just how exactly I was going to make a Mulan cake! I had various options, buying a doll cake mould (that cost £20!!), baking my own cakes and trimming them down or using a sponge pudding bowl. In the end I ditched all of those ideas and marched (well walked, but you know it doesn’t sound so dramatic) and picked up three value birthday cakes at £3.49 each. Armed with a Mulan doll from Amazon, icing sugar, fondant icing and food colouring I was ready to turn basic birthday cakes into a fabulous Mulan cake fit for a demanding birthday princess!

The method well it’s pretty simple but here goes:

Step One – Take the cakes out of their packaging. And cut a small hole in the middle of each. The hole should be the same width as your dolls hips. Layer the cakes one on top of the other. I found three cakes gave me the perfect height I needed for the doll. I found that the frosting on top of the cakes was enough to hold them in place however you could always make up some frosting to “glue” them together if needed.

Step Two – Start to trim the doll cake shape. As the skirt tapers you will need to cut the top layer the smallest. I did this by trimming the cake at a diagonal angle. Cutting more off the top layer and leaving more and more cake as I went down. This will take a little bit of time to get the shape right. My tip would be to stand back from the cake to see the shape properly.

Step Three – Colour your fondant. I used plain white fondant (as it’s cheaper) and coloured it with the pink gel food colouring I already had in the cupboard. I used the pink from this one as you can’t beat the vivid colours. Dab the food colouring onto the fondant and kneed the fondant until it’s fully coloured. This while take around five minutes and your hands will get messy!

Step Four – Roll out the fondant to the thickness you want. I suggest going for as thin as you can go without the fondant breaking. Make up a little icing (just icing sugar and water) and pipe a little onto the cake. This will hold the fondant icing in place. Take your rolled fondant and smooth around the cake. You will end up with join marks and extras that’s not an issue.

Step Five – Trim the excess fondant away, keep it for extra decoration (I folded it up like a concertina and placed it around the top of the skirt to add a little extra detail). With any joins in the icing you have, wet your fingers a little and smooth it over until the joins disappear. Wait for your fondant to dry out completely before moving on to the next step!

Step Six – Make up a little coloured water icing and pipe squiggles onto the skirt. I added a few spirals and lines. I then took some white icing and piped dots to look like pearls onto the cake. It really finished it off nicely. Leave to dry out.

Step Seven – Stand back and admire your handy work!

So what do you think? Will you be giving a go?

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