The Home Series: The Girls Room

All items marked with * were gifted or part of paid collaborations over the last couple of years.

We started redecorating the girls room last summer. Before that it was our room. Big enough for our bed and wardrobes but oh my goodness the room was just awful. Hideous floral wallpaper (apologies if that’s your thing, but it certainly isn’t mine!) You can see the progress under the ” Girls Room” highlight on my Instagram profile. It was quite the transformation. Then in March this year I collaborated with Valspar and we painted one wall dusky pink that was colour matched to a bonnet. You can see how we did that here.

The room has never been finished well up until now. At the end of July we moved the girls in together properly and put Norah into a single bed. It’s just an IKEA cheap single bed with a Simba* mattress on top. We did the same with Edith at this age and it works a treat for our girls. They don’t like being constrained by a cot and guess what they start sleeping!

So here we go. The chimney breast wall is one of my favourites. The name plaques are from Rosie Meringue*. The clouds were part of a craft kit from Wool Couture*. The beautiful embroidery hoops are from Ohh So Darling*. The initial prints are from Viollaz*.The wooden poster hangers are from Amazon! The dream catcher is from Natasha Emily Weavings* The storage trunks are full of toys, they are from Beautify*. On top is the rainbow cushion from H&M (similar here). The light up pear from The Little Lovely Company was from Home Bargains, as was the magic wand on top. The duck we picked up for Edith when she was still a bump. It came from a carboot sale. The Tulipop* lamp fits perfectly too. The pom pom storage basket next to it is full of cuddly toys, from Tk Maxx.

The wall decals are from Happy Decs! I can’t recommend these enough! So gorgeous and simple to use. We have the on the whole corner of the room. The hooks on the wall were at the house already and I painted them pink. The Name Book came from Pip & Cherry*. The teddy is from Kidly* and the Luggy is from Olliella. The shell cushion was a bargain £1 charity shop find and the frame and print came from . The ice cream light that fell off (oops!) is another The Little Lovely Company light. The bench in the corner came from B&M I thought it would be perfect to sit on too! The wooden pram is from JoJo Maman Bebe*.

The wardrobe space in the girls room is something I LOVE! As both girls are in together and we don’t have lots of space tall and skinny was the best way to go for us. I couldn’t justify the price of the Mustard lockers (even though they are so BEAUTIFUL) so I bought these IVAR lockers from IKEA. They were only £65 and are perfect for clothes storage. They fill the corner perfectly. The changing basket on top now houses shoes. It came from Tilly & Cub* when Norah was born. I can’t hide it away because it is just too beautiful! The storage basket full of more teddies is also from TK Maxx.

This corner is my favourite spot! The rainbow rug was a gorgeous gift from Too Many PJ’s*. The wooden dolls cot is mine from when I was little! The blanket inside is from The Tartan Blanket Company*. On the windowsill is a Lightbox again from The Little Lovely Company. Elmer was a birthday gift from my sister and the dinosaur planter was from Morrisons.

I picked up the wooden camera from eBay as a little stocking filler and both girls love it now! The shelf above houses our PEZ collection. It’s not normally as neat as this as Edith likes to play with them!

The book shelves above this little area house pretty books and trinkets! We used the Ikea spice racks for this!

Above Edith’s bed is two shelfs. They are just the cheap ones from IKEA painted pink. The extendable peg rack was an eBay bargain! The hanging plant is also from IKEA. The gorgeous rainbow just seen is from Happy Little Folks. We’ve also got a Skye light up pup too because as much as I love their room looking pretty it is the girls room!

Edith’s bedding is all from charity shops. Bonus points if you know the name of the rabbit on the bed! This corner by the door has a big basket of books perfect for grabbing one before bed. The rainbow cloud cushion on top Edith made from Kiwi & Co*. The dolls house is the Ikea one painted white. The sleepy eyes came from eBay. The wall hanging is from Natasha Emily Weavings*. The camper van on the radiator is from JoJo Maman Bebe. The tin holding all of Edith’s hair bits is from Cath Kidston.

The rainbow wall decals are from Happy Decs too! So easy to apply and they look amazing! The canopy above the bed is from Amazon! The cushion covers are from H&M and the yellow cushion came from Homesense*. The Miffy giant beanbag* just out of shot is one of the girls favourites! It often makes it’s way downstairs! On the pink wall is two prints. The Go Bananas print is from Hello YoYo. The You Got This print is from Pea & Me*.

Their room is full of toys and their favourite things (just as it should be!). It definitely wouldn’t win any awards for interior design. It’s nowhere near perfect but it’s so perfect for us and that’s all that matters. I absolutely love their room! It’s been a labour of love and a year after we started I’m so glad it’s finally finished! I’m sure we will adds bits and pieces in the coming months (hello birthday and Christmas!) but for now I’m done. So, tell me, what do you think?


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