The Home Series: Bedroom

Bedroom, a chest of drawers with a mirror and ornaments on top.

When I occasionally share snippets of our house on Instagram I get a few lovely messages asking where things are from or other interior questions. But what prompted me to share this mini home series is that a lovely lady said to me “I wish I owned my own home”. To which I replied. “I don’t own our house”. Infact owning a house is so far off the radar right now but it doesn’t mean that you cant have a decent looking house. I say decent looking because downstairs we have woodchip eeek! I know!! 

So without further ado, I thought I would share my bedroom. Now this room is the smallest in the house and because of this we have a wardrobe in the huge space in the hall way and another chest of drawers in my office.  But I actually find it quite relaxing to have very little in the room. It makes the space more for relaxing and sleeping than it does for any other function. Because of that I also find it easier to keep mess free, because there is less to mess up. It really works for me.

The bed is a kingsize from Ikea. It was originally bought so we could comfortably co-sleep with babies in it and it served that purpose wonderfully. The plain bed linen was just a cheap set from Wilko. Once it has been washed a few times it becomes beautifully soft and we’ve had it a good few years. It’s perfect for us. The Pom Pom cushion is from Homesense and was part of a campaign. As was the throw. It’s such a lovely throw. Super soft and full of beautiful pastel colours it suited the neutral tones I already had. The other cushions are from a previous campaign I did with Beautify (and our currently one offer! Pink & Grey). On the wall is the MOST beautiful way hanging from Lyra & Atlas. I was fortunate to have won this in a giveaway! It’s my pride and joy!

The chest of drawers itself was at the house when we moved it and we decided to keep it. It’s the perfect size for this space. It holds most of my clothes. On top are a few books, most were Christmas presents. And then an IKEA hanging plant in the pink pot and an IKEA string of pearls in a mug from Homesense. The grey tin was from Poundland last year, it’s great for holding little hair clips and hairbands without cluttering up the side. The mirror came from Tesco (again from a previous campaign).

The rug was a bargain find from eBay. I can no longer find it anymore but it was only £35! We used to have in the living area but I wanted to cover the ugly carpet in the bedroom instead! The belly basket is another IKEA buy! It holds my hairdryer, curlers etc. It’s a great way to keep them organised without taking up much drawer space.

So there it is a little room tour. It’s super simple but it’s feels really relaxing and cosy. I do love it! It just goes to show that with a few nice things you can make a rental your taste and not look too boring. I know our first house didn’t have much of a personal touch at all. I’m still not finished in this room. I would like wooden blinds and maybe wooden hooks on the wall and even a bit more decoration on the wall. But for now I’m happy.


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