#thecreativemonth June

Happy first of June. Can you believe we are half way through the year already? 

I love these next few months, the countdown to the summer holiday. The countdown to adventure. But sometimes it can leave you feeling a little bit empty in the creative department. So I’ve got plenty of tips, tricks and ideas to help.

Seasonal Hashtags to use this month!

#myfloralteatime – from @thefashionmommy One of the prettiest hashtags I ever did see, it’s all things tea and flowers. What’s not to love?

#inspire_and_create – from a bunch of gorgeous creatives. Each week they have a different prompt. A really love community to be a part of.

#getintheframemama – from @themrsproject Us mama’s are terrible for being the ones behind the camera all the time. Mirlah is encouraging us to get in front the camera. To create memories to look back on. Upload your image from Friday until Sunday evening and tag her. Each week she will pick a new co-host and share her favourites!

Don’t forget about these ones either! 

#ourchildhoodsummer – A brand new hashtag created by me! It’s one to celebrate those beautiful days where you explore outdoors, have picnics in the garden, go fly a kite. Things that are simple but that make those childhood memories. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

#thecreativemonth – Share your photographs from the prompts in this email! 

(If you have a hashtag you’ve created, I would love to hear. I’ll share my favourites each month!)

Instagram Inspiration

This month I’ve been hugely inspired by the following accounts. You can definitely see why as their photographs are just beautiful!

@marycostaphoto – I have fallen head over heels with colour at the moment. I’m normally a neutrals kind of girl but I’m obsessed with colourful grids. Mary’s feed is just sooo pretty! I’m finding lots of inspiration from her gorgeous account.

@gingerlillytea – I have followed Kerri-Anne for years. Her photography is gorgeous, whimsical and it’s like stepping into a fairytale.

@themrsproject – Mirlah is just beautiful, inside and out. Her gris radiates positivity and you can tell she is just enjoying herself! She often runs challenges too! She owns two gorgeous hashtags #feelgoodmotherhood and #getintheframemama (as mentioned previously)

Photography Prompts

So part of #thecreativemonth is sharing five prompts. If you’re stuck for what to photograph and you need little inspiration then look no further. I would love you to use #thecreativemonth on your posts and next month I will share my favourites in this email and on my blog. This month’s prompts are:

Golden Hour – Forget routine one night. Head out after dinner time and capture that gorgeous glow. It will make for an amazing adventure and beautiful photographs!

A pocketful of flowers – Gather some wildflowers, fill your pockets with peonies. Get a little creative! The wonderful Adele @thefloralnest has an amazing hashtag #apocketfulofpollen.

Take my hand – Take a walk. Guide your little one through a field. Take a photo from where you stand hand in hand. 

Pretty in pink – Because we all need a little more pink in our lives! Find a pink wall. Wear a pink outfit! Pink flowers etc.

Good morning – What does your morning look like? Or what would you dream morning look like? Are you a coffee or a tea kind of person?

Some of last months gorgeous photos from #thecreativemonth

Words of Advice: You don’t have to always have something to say.

When I studied photography at uni at the end of each term and project there would be a big group critique. It was where you would give constructive criticism to help people improve their craft and so you could explain and interpret meanings behind the work. I hated it. Mainly because most of the time I created what I did because I wanted to. I didn’t have a big message to share. I didn’t have a reason. I had an idea. I loved the idea. I loved the photograph I had taken and that was it.

No deep hidden meaning. Sometimes Instagram can feel a little bit like crit. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing that we can raise awareness of illnesses, conditions etc, we can let other mama’s know they are not alone. The power of social media is an incredible force. But I’ve seen more and more people worry that they don’t have anything “important” to share. Why does it need to be? Why can’t you just post a photograph you love?

I’ve taken a huge back seat of lengthy captions recently, not because there is nothing going on in my life (oh quite the contrary) but because I love to share pretty photos. And that’s fine.

Your space online should be for no one else but you.

If you want to share deep meaningful posts everyday, go for it! If you want to upload a photo of some flowers because they looked pretty then go for it! Not everyone needs to do the same thing. Not every post has to have meaning. Start curating your feed to bring you joy. And by that I don’t mean “making it perfect” I mean share your memories. Share your passion. Post what you love not what will please others!

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