#summerhashtagchallenge – What you need to know!

On the 1st of July Laura and I kick off our first ever #summerhashtagchallenge. While we have done many seasonal ones we have yet to kick off a big summer one. So we decided to kick things off in style with a nine week long challenge.

The idea of the challenge is a summer bucket list, activities almost, that you can share or enjoy yourself over the summer. These prompts can be taken literally or you can find a creative way to express yourself. There are no set rules on what you create. The challenge is just for fun and it always creates such a lovely community around us all.

So here is everything you will need to know about the challenge:

What are the dates?

The challenge starts on the 1st of July and is then every Monday until September. You can see the dates and prompts in the graphic above.

How do I join in?

Upload your image on the correct date for that prompt. Tag @littlepaperswan & @edinburghwithkids and use the hashtag #summerhashtagchallenge

When do I post?

You post on the date mentioned. So your photograph for “Walk on the wild side” needs to be posted on the 1st of July. It gives you a week to plan and photograph the next prompt (depending on how organised you are of course!).

I’m not creative can I join anyway?

Of course! It’s for everyone. You can plan and perfect the prompt each week or you can snap away and see where it takes you. It really doesn’t need to perfect!

How do I think outside of the box for the prompts?

When it comes to creative ideas following prompts I like to think about the elements of the image. For example, “let’s go fly a kite” you could make your own paper kite and photograph it taped to the wall indoors. “Take a paddle” it could be in the sea, a puddle, a box filled with water in the garden. You could take a photograph in the bath. The possibilities are endless. Break down the prompt and keep things simple. If you’re struggling for ideas I will be sharing lots of inspiration on my #summerhashtagchallenge Pinterest board.

I don’t have anywhere pretty near me to take photographs, what can I do?

Like above you could interpret the prompts to make them indoors. But look what you do have! You local park will probably have a grassy spot perfect for a picnic. Keep an eye of colourful walls etc. I have a blog post all about finding pretty photo locations here.

Hashtags you could use for photographs (make sure they are appropriate to your post!)

#ourchildhoodsummer #thecreativemonth #happinessinmysquare #flowersinmamashair #wondermore #exploreoutdoorswithjosh #aseasonalyear #mybeautifulstories #thewildgardenofchildhood #treasurethistime #thelocalwayfarer #ourcandiddays #mybloominglens #mybritainwithlove #getthemoutside #letthembelittle #motherhoodisdarling #motherhoodintheraw #lifegivingsquares #thesincerestoryteller #momentsinmotherhood #myfloralportraits #caughtflowerhanded #moodforfloral #myfloraldays #inspiredbypetals #slowfloralstyle #floralstories #lovefloralfriday

We would love for you to join us!

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