Finding Pretty Photo Locations

I often get asked about the pretty places from my photographs on Instagram. And that I must live in a pretty place. To be honest with you we are blessed with the most gorgeous beach but the rest of the town is pretty normal. When it comes to finding locations to photograph you may just need to open your eyes to what’s around you and potentially put your embarrassment aside and pose in public! So here’s a breakdown of easy photo locations that chances are you will have near you!

Coloured walls – This one is a super simple one. Wherever you live there will be different coloured houses. You just need to work out which ones are accessible. I always take my photographs from the path so then there is no need to worry about trespassing. When I take the girls out for walks I am always on the lookout for pretty pastel walls. I’m sure if you start looking you’ll start to see what’s around you.

Edited with Mid Day Sun

Flowers – Again it’s another case of keeping an eye out. Once again I use what’s in peoples front gardens. If it overhangs and you’re not directly taking a photo of there house then what’s the issue? What’s in your garden or families garden? Pretty flowers always make for beautiful backgrounds. Look up high or what’s beneath your feet. This also goes for grass!

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Sky – A super simple one but the sky can make such an amazing backdrop. Especially with a few fluffy clouds. Think about the angle you shoot at. Get below the subject and shoot up. Playing around with angles can create some really gorgeous photos.

Edited with The White One

Your Bed & Bed sheets – Plain white bedding or even patterns work really well as backgrounds. I love using different coloured bed sheets and blankets to create different backdrops. I keep an eye in charity shops to find fabrics that would look great!

Your bedroom wall – Ours is white and it’s the spot I take A LOT of photos from. Think what you’ve got around you! Or if you don’t have a nice wall but your family member does the use that!

Day trips – Maybe the beach? Look at beach huts as well as the sand and sea! In a gardens look for pretty flowers or buildings. Fields with wide open spaces work well too!

I hope that has inspired you to look around at what you do have around you. Next time you’re out for a walk take a look around and open your eyes to every opportunity.


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