#AD My Photography Process

I often get asked about the process of my photography. From taking the photo to uploading to Instagram. So I thought I would take you through my process step by step.

I take most of the photographs on my DSLR. I adore my camera but I have my eyes on one of the (Professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras. I take most of the photographs myself using the phone as a remote or I ask my husband or wonderful assistant Fi to take them for me. I’ve written a blog post all about how I photograph myself. You can click here to read that if you fancy.

My camera has built in WIFI which is great as it means I can transfer photographs directly to my phone. I don’t always use the process though. It depends on what kind of editing the image needs.

The majority of the time I upload my photographs to Lightroom on my desktop computer. Once uploaded into my Lightroom library I edit my photographs. The majority of the time I use the desktop version on The White One preset. I make adjustments to the photograph depending on what it needs.

I then save the photograph as a JPEG to my computer. Sometimes I edit the photo further using Photoshop. I then export the image with the edits as a DNG file. This keeps the image quality higher whilst I edit the photographs. I will then export to JPEG after I have made all my edits.

I upload the photograph to Dropbox on my desktop. The Dropbox app is installed onto my phone so I then have direct access to the images I have just uploaded.

The images are then downloaded onto my phone from Dropbox. I then open the image up into VSCO to apply the HB1 filter that I use for all of my images. I then save the file and open it up into Instagram. I always use a little bit of LUX which is the sun at the top of the edit screen. Lux lightens shadows, darken highlights and adds contrast. I just feel like it finishes off my images.

Once posted to Instagram I then add hashtags. I have lists saved of hashtags to use. It’s important to mix things up with your hashtags so you’re images are seen. I then go through each hashtag liking and commenting on photographs I want to engage with. I find that this helps with growing my account. It’s a great way to find new people and for people to find you. Engagement is an essential part of Instagram. You can read all about how to use hashtags to your advantage here.

And that’s it. The process I take with every image I upload to Instagram. It sounds a lot longer than it is but it’s a process I have very much become used to.

I’d love to hear about your photography process.

*This post has been sponsored by Panasonic. Thank you to the brands who continue support Little Paper Swans.*

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