#springhashtagchallenge All You Need To Know

I can’t believe we are almost approaching two years of hashtag challenges. When I first created the #autumnhashtagchallenge I didn’t think a single person would join in, but since then we have had thousands of entries, lots of different challenges and we’ve created a wonderful community.

So on Monday (15th April) Laura @edinburghwithkids and I have a brand new challenge. It’s exactly like the other challenges but this one is Spring themed. The idea is super simple. Each day has a prompt. You then use that prompt to inspire your photograph. It can be something super simple, for example one of the prompts is light. You could photograph a bright sunny day, or you could get really creative and take an artsy shot of the light streaming in over your coffee cup. It can be as difficult or as easy as you like. The idea however is to inspire you a little. To step out of comfort zones and break boundaries with your photography.

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The most important part, possible bigger than taking the photo, is the community. Because it’s one of those the more you put in the more you get out. So we would love you to click through the hashtag and genuinely engage with others joining in. You never know you might find some brand new accounts to follow and they might find you!

We’ve also created a template for stories on this you can share the behind the scenes of your image as well as share some of your favourites from the day. At the end of each day (or the morning after) Laura and I will share our five favourites on our feed. We will also pick our favourite photo from the whole of the challenge at the end!

Of course you need to use #springhashtagchallenge and tag @littlepaperswan & @edinburghwithkids . Make sure you use the right hashtag or we might miss your photos. But you might want to include some spring themed hashtags too! Here are a few below to get you started:

#tfispring #springtimefun #dreamingofspring #abmspring #signsofspring #styingtheseasons #aseasonalshift #embracingtheseasons #thatspringfeeling #slowliving_bloomandharvest #springisintheair #cherishandrelish_march #cherishandrelish_april #savouringtheseason #springhassprung #aseasonalyear #createinspring #myflowersonthewall

So I really hope you can join us! It would be great to see you.

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