#AD My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine

Do you remember when you were little and you dreamed of all the things you could do and the things you could own? I think owning a pony is on most little girls list, but designing your own dream horse and having it come to life, well that would be amazing wouldn’t it? Well Edith is one lucky little girl because that is exactly what happened when we teamed up with the lovely people at Petplan Equine.

Now when it comes to drawing Edith is much more of a scribbler than a drawer. So we found her a template of a horse that she could design. Of course she went for her classic scribbles. We sent the drawing off and after a little wait her horse came back to us. Edith thought it was so magical bless her. She’s at that age where she really understands the magic of things, so she was really impressed that her horse came to life.

This was made possible by the lovely people at Petplan Equine Horse Insurance whos priortiy has been to keep the nations horses healthy and owners happy. Petplan works with charities and supports their vital work. Since 1994 they have raised over £7 million towards a better and healthier world for animals.

The horse soft toy is something we are really going to treasure and we can tell Edith, when she’s older, all about how she designed her own pony. Now the real question here is……

What should we call our new pet horse?

This is a sponsored post, made possible by Petplan Equine. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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