13 Simple Editing Techniques to Improve Your Images

1.Use the VSCO app. It contains lots of filters that are great for photography. You can alter the strength of the filter to suit your image.

2. Ditch Instagram filters. They’re not the most flattering. I find they add an orange tone to our images and affects the clarity too.

3. Invest in presets. A simple way to edit your photographs. A preset is a set of edits that you can install onto Lightroom on your phone. Using the same preset each time will give your feed a curated style.

4. Adjust the exposure and clarity. Adding a little more light and clarity to the image will really help! You can do this on the free Lightroom app.

5. Shoot in RAW if you can. It will make the image quality better so when you come to edit your photographs they are a higher quality image to begin with.

6. Practise. I remember my sixthform photography teacher telling me painters practise skies. They have sketch books full of skies. Perfecting their technique. We need to practise editing. Sit down for a few minutes play around. Learn what works for you. Develop your own editing style.

7. Crop. Sometimes bringing the image closer in can make an “unuseable” image useable.

8. Healing brush. Snapseed (a free app) has a great healing brush (better than the Lightroom one in my opinion). It’s great for removing unwanted objects cars, benches, trees etc.

9. Use the whites tool on Lightroom. If you have taken an image with a white background using the Whites slider on Lightroom can make the whites crisper and more white!

10. The shadows slider on Lightroom is also fantastic it can bring back colour you thought you had lost especially in hair and skintone.

11. The temperature tool on Lightroom, VSCO or Instagram can be an image saver. Adjusting the tones in the image can help. Use more blue to combat a yellow toned image and more yellow to combat and blue toned image.

12. Use apps like Bokeh Cam FX to add in bokeh. Use it sparingly. Often less is more.

13. Lux. The sun icon at the top of the Instagram editing screen. It darkens highlights, lightens shadows, adds a little contrast and just finishes off an image nicely.

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