Toddler Haircare with Johnson’s #AD

Back in May we took a trip over to Birmingham for the Johnson’s Ambassador day. It was our first Johnson’s event and it was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. We learnt all about hair care and how toddlers (and babies) hair have completely different needs to adults hair. I will admit that we have used my shampoo on Edith before as a bribe to get her in bath, since May it’s safe to say that won’t be happening again. Children don’t develop their adult hair until about 12 years old before that their hair is a lot finer, as your child grows their hair gets thicker and thicker until they reach age 12 and their teens and their hair is then on average 5 times thicker than their baby fuzz. They’ve been working on their hair since they were an 8 week old foetus. Isn’t that incredible?

You see Edith had a very love hate relationship with the bath and this time last year we had to resort to washing her down instead of baths she was that scared of them. Thankfully she now enjoys the bath and loves a bit of a pamper. We learnt that Johnson’s has so many hair care ranges, it’s not just the golden bottle (even though it has the best baby smell ever) so there will be one perfect for your little one. Johnson’s has developed shampoo, conditioner and even sprays for the things as parents we worry about when it comes to hair care.  Especially when you have a toddler who has gorgeous long hair that is often full of tangles. You get that from your Mama, sorry Edith.

Edith has been blessed with gorgeous thick hair but up until April this year she wouldn’t let us touch it, even brushing it was a chore. She gradually let us and now she’s happy to let us put her hair up, which is especially important for when she goes off to nursery in January.

Each bath time Edith gets the choice of what shampoo to use, pink was her favourite. My favourite too as the Shiny Drops range is amazing! It makes Edith’s hair silky smooth. But recently the green range has been her favourite. No More Tangles and boy do we need it. We shampoo and condition in the bath (combing through the conditioner to remove tangles) and then when she’s out we spray her hair with the No More Tangles spray. It works a treat.

We also use it before styling her hair which makes her wild hair a bit more manageable. We did this simple hair style the other day and I think it’s going to be a great one for nursery. We put together a quick tutorial of this style.

To begin with spray your toddlers hair with Johnson’s No More Tangles spray. Use a comb and gently comb through the hair. If there’s any big tangles, comb the hair from just above the tangle to prevent pulling (this will keep your toddler happy too!).

Once your toddlers hair is tangle free. Take a front section of hair, this will be where the braid will go across their head. Tie the rest of the hair back loosely to keep it out of the way.

Take two small sections of hair from the front of the head and cross them over. Then pick up another small section of hair from one side and cross over to the other. Then tame another small section from the other side and again cross over. Continue doing this until you’ve finished the braid. Tie with a bobble to secure. And pop in a bow.

Then brush and smooth the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Then plait the rest of the hair in a traditional plain. Secure with another bobble.

It’s a super simple hair style that will keep your toddlers hair neat and out of the way. It’s definitely a style we will be using, especially as the No More Tangles spray makes her hair a dream to style! We can’t wait to try lots of new styles.

It was so good to learn about the different need children’s hair has and we will not be using adult shampoo on the girls hair for a while. Well, not until they are 12.

This post is a paid collaboration as part of my role as a Johnson’s Baby Brand Ambassador. All of the words and opinions contained in this post are my own.

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