After the huge success of the #autumnhashtagchallenge you guys voted to bring back #theweeklyhashtagchallenge. So this year Laura and I have changed things up a little bit and made it more exciting than ever. So here we go. This is how it’s going to work.

The challenge begins today (13th November 2018). Laura and I will announce this week’s prompt with a photo. This will hopefully inspire you. In the caption we will suggest a few ideas of what you could take around each photo prompt.

You then have almost a week to create your photo. We ask that you post your photo on the following Monday (the 19th) using the hashtag and tagging Laura and I. This way we will all be able to find each other’s posts and create that buzz and community.

We hope that by giving you almost a week to create and post your photo you can get a bit creative and don’t feel pressured to rush something or not join in. In that week you can take your time to think of a photo, take it and edit it. As always you can get creative as you like. You can go big and out there or you can just take a snap. The idea of the challenge is to build a community and find new Instagram friends. Hopefully it will inspire you to be creative and find a passion for Instagram. Something that I know people fall in and out of love with.

We will release a new prompt every Tuesday from now until the Christmas challenge starts. We won’t give you all the prompts in one go, we thought by giving you one a week this enables you and us to focus on one thing at a time. As with the last challenge we will endeavor to engage with each post. We will also have a stories template set up so you can share your behind the scenes info and your favourite photos. We will share our favourites on our stories and this time we have decided to give away a prize to the best photo each week.

We are going to buy the prizes from Independent businesses on Instagram and will post out to you as a thank you and well done. We just ask that you follow both Laura and I and use the hashtag. Unfortunately due to postage costs we will only be able to pick UK entrants.

So to recap the dates we announce the weeks prompts will be Tuesday 13th November, Tuesday 20th November, Tuesday 27th November, Tuesday 4th December and Tuesday 11th December. The Christmas challenge will then begin on the 18th December.

You post photos on the following dates, Monday 19th November, Monday 26th November, Monday 3rd December, Monday 10th December and Monday 17th December.

We will be talking about it on our stories all week, sharing our ideas and how we took our photos. And to remind you too! Please tag us and use the hashtag when you talk about it on your stories. Remember the more people that join us the better so tag friends you’d like to join in too!

We’re so excited for this challenge and we really hope you join us. So many gorgeous accounts joined us for the autumn challenge and everyone hugely benefited from the engagement it brought.

Hope to see your photos ans join in with our wonderful Instagram community!

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