Our Small Bedroom Makeover

Back in the summer we switched our rooms over. It was done so the girls could eventually share and as my husband is a school teacher over the holidays seemed like the best time to but both rooms and give them a good makeover. Now the girls room still isn’t finished, I’ll get there I will. However our room is looking pretty good.

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The room itself is very small so we’ve kept furniture to a minimum. We have a huge king size bed and just a chest of drawers for storage so adding in a little bit more was definitely needed. These beautiful white storage trunks were perfect. They hold so much, perfect for storing clothes, accessories and any of those things that you don’t quite know where to put. I love the gold detailing on them. They are my favourite addition to the room.

As I spend a lot of time in bed, not sleeping, but feeding comfort is very important to me. I’ve had a few pillows that I used when I was pregnant but they are now so out of shape they’ve stopped being comfortable. These three beautiful velvet cushions are comfy and look great too. I didn’t want to go overboard on pillows and dressing our bed, one because I don’t have much time and two, my husband hates pillows. His loss!

The rest of the room is made up of pieces we’ve collected. The mirror was from a charity shop and set me back £3 I painted it pink and it’s stayed propped up in the corner ever since. The beautiful wall hangings are from Natasha Emily Weaving and Lyra & Atlas. The candle and faux plant on the bedside are from Sainsbury’s Home, the beautiful book from Homewood and Rose. The wicker belly basket is from Ikea.

I love how light and calming this room is. It’s become a beautiful space to relax in. Now if only I could spend a little more time sleeping in there.


This post has been written in collaboration with Beautify who gifted the beautiful trunks and cushions. 

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