Our Sleep Routine With Johnson’s Baby #AD

Oh sleep, the lack of it is something that unites parents across the land. It’s our favourite topic isn’t it. From the minute they are born you have people ask you if they’re good. And by good, they mean do they sleep and with our babies the resounding answer was no. No they don’t sleep well. But in all honestly they are tiny little things that aren’t used to this big scary world expecting them to just fall into a routine and sleep when we expect them to do is nonsense.

At the same time we believe that when they are ready, together with them we can build a great routine. As parents we both believe that babies will do things in their own time. That might well mean taking 14 months before sleeping through the night, co-sleeping (safely of course) and being breastfed to sleep. They won’t be doing these things forever.

Edith naturally got herself into a routine at around her first birthday. The classic bath, feed, book and bed. It wasn’t until that point we felt that a routine worked for her, of course we kept bedtime the same time and bathtime, but it didn’t click until then.

With Norah things have been a little different. She’s got herself into a routine a lot quicker, possibly because she follows Edith’s routine. Once again we were following bath, book and bed. However we’ve been changing things up recently after attending the recent Johnson’s Ambassador day. We learnt how important bathtime and that little routine before bed actually is.

Research shows that . As touch is so important for both parent and baby, we’ve incorporated a bit of baby massage into our routine. We fill the bathtub with Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Bath and after every bath we follow with a bit of Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion. We use it for both girls and they really love it. It also makes them smell incredibly delicious. That smell that makes you want to bundle them up and squeeze them! You know the one. Not only do they smell amazing but smell combined with touch (from the baby massage) can create lasting memories children will remember for a lifetime. How beautiful is that?

Simple everyday experiences, like bath time provide the perfect opportunity for multisensory experience. Sounds, smells and textures that make up bath time promotes both relaxation in parents and babies. It also helps with the bonding process, reducing stress levels.

A warm bath, massage and quiet time is scientifically proven to improve the quality and quantity of sleep in babies and any thing that can get me a few more hours is worth it in my opinion. The Johnson’s Bedtime range contains NaturalCalm ™ a blend of relaxing aromas.

It’s perfect to help your little ones along with their bedtime routine. We’ve been giving it a go for the last few weeks and both girls have slept better. Of course it doesn’t stop wake ups for feeds and trips to the potty but both girls are getting a better quality of sleep. Plus they smell amazing! That’s win win in my eyes.

So if you want improve your little ones sleep the bath, massage and quiet time routine may be just what you need.

This post is a paid collaboration as part of my role as a Johnson’s Baby Brand Ambassador. All of the words and opinions contained in this post are my own.

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