Why I am a Johnson’s Ambassador #AD

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that this year I’ve become ambassador for Johnson’s. It’s a brand I’ve used since Edith was small and I myself am a Johnson’s baby. When I was talking to my mum about it she said Johnson’s products were the one to use back in the day. In fact it’s been around for 125 years (not saying you’re that old Mum!) If there’s one instantly recognisable baby product brand it’s Johnson’s. Not to mention that familiar baby fresh scent.

Of course with any paid brand work I undertake, I consider if I’m a good match for the brand. As a mama of two little girls I take great care in ensuring I only give them the best and I would not use any product that didn’t suit my ethos and lifestyle. Johnson’s has been a product used pretty much daily for the past three years. It’s a brand I know and trust.

What I loved about this collaboration was that Johnson’s wanted to use science to dispel any stigma attached to the brand. They’ve invested into research, in fact 90% of all industry-led baby skin care research comes from Johnson’s. They are open and honest about what is in their products and explaining what all those fancy names mean. For example parabens sound nasty don’t they?However blueberries and bananas contain them, and we eat more parabens a day than we absorb through our skin.The scientific names for things can sound scary but more often than not they are something simple.

The Johnson’s Ambassador team have been equipped with all the facts, science and at each Ambassador day we learn all about the products and the research behind it. I missed the first session as I was heavily pregnant with Norah but caught up with the video that was taken on the day. At the second session we learnt all about hair care and how using specially formulated products for children is important for their delicate hair. There’s going go be a whole post all about hair care for little ones and a tutorial for styling unruly toddler hair!

The last session was all about bedtime routine and the Johnson’s products. We learnt how important the senses are to babies and how to incorporate these into our own bedtime routines. Johnson’s are investing in us as ambassadors and as such we have become more and more passionate about a brand we already love.

I’ve already learnt so much and it’s helped me take care of my girls skin. Did you know that babies skin needs moisturiser every day?Sometimes it’s the simple things we overlook but I can’t wait to share all I learn and answer any questions you might have.

So stick around and let me educate you about the products I use and love.

This post is a paid collaboration as part of my role as a Johnson’s Baby Brand Ambassador. All of the words and opinions contained in this post are my own.

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