#autumnhashtagchallenge 2018

Last October I launched a bit of a creative challenge on Instagram. In all honesty I expected no one to take part. I thought it would just be and my husband who felt like he had to take part to support me.

What happened was the complete opposite.

The first day over 100 people joined the #autumnhashtagchallenge. 100 people took a chance on my idea, 100 people found a creative outlet and for that week 100 people got creative with their photography and felt inspired. A community grew. A community full of like minded creatives. A community who took time to get to know one another, a community that even to this day still exists. I received so many lovely messages, people saying I had inspired them or they fell back in love with photography. Some people just loved the community feel. It inspired a weekly challenge and that lead to a Christmas hashtag challenge, that will definitely being coming back this year too.

This year Laura in on board hosting too. It will mean we can both get through everyone’s posts, liking and commenting and growing a wonderful community all over again.  So if you’d like to take part here’s what you need to know:

The challenges runs from the 24th of October finishing on the 31st October. I would love you to join in each day! But I understand it’s not always that easy so just join in when you can. The more you join in the more of a community we will create.

You can upload your photo at any point on the day. Please use the hashtag #autumnhashtagchallenge and tag @littlepaperswan @edinburghwithkids so we don’t miss any of your posts.

Please engage with others on the hashtag. You know how much I love and go on about engagement so like and comment as much as you can!

At the end of each day I will share my favourites, tagging you in on my stories.

And that’s it! Lets join in and have fun.

Pop any questions below.

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