22 Things I’ve Learned in 3 Years of Motherhood.

Today my biggest girlie turns three. In fact this post has gone live at 8:44am, the exact time Edith was born. That means I’ve been rocking this motherhood thing for three whole years! I’m not going to lie it hasn’t always been easy but the good far outweighs the bad. Motherhood is the best thing and I couldn’t love my little family any more. In the last 1,095 I’ve learnt a thing or two. There is still a lot to learn but I thought I’d share my favourites. Here’s 22 things I’ve learned in the past three years.


You will never feel tiredness like it. But somehow you muddle through.

Your house will never be messier as it is with a toddler!

You won’t think twice about picking up a solid toddler poo of the carpet, wrapped up in a leaflet for Specsavers, because it’s the closest thing at hand.

You will never feel pride like it. Christmas shows, hand me the tissues!

It’s possible to feel simultaneous furious and amused and have to hide your laughter.

It’s amazing how a bad day just washes away. Each day is a brand new beginning.

You won’t think twice about spending money on your littles but when it comes to things for yourself you umm and ahh.

Breastfeeding does get easier and easier. Eventually they just help themselves!

Wanting your baby to crawl and then realising that actually crawling babies are hard work (especially with a toddler leaving small toys everywhere!)

You realise who the important people are in your lives. Everyone loves a newborn but you soon see who your true friends are.

Some days can be really lonely.

Not all baby groups are not full of judgy Mama’s but sometimes staying in your pjs and watching Disney films is okay too.

Screen time is a terrible word. There is no need to be afraid of letting your child use technology (as long as they are not using it all the time!)

There is nothing sweeter than hearing your toddlers conversations between toys. Even if the conversations between her toys make her cry when they argue!

Jabs are the worst things ever. An essential but that doesn’t stop them from being the worst!

Hot food is not an essential. That goes for hot drinks too.

Some days you can be touched out. Especially when you have a toddler and baby on you all day.

Co-sleeping is lovely but you can’t beat your own space in your own bed.

You will eat your child’s leftovers even if you say you won’t. You will.

You can’t spoil a child with love. Sitting with them until they fall asleep is not an issue. Cuddling them too much is not an issue. Holding them instead of putting them in their cot is not an issue. They will sleep one day.

You realise that you’ve been singing songs wrong. Apparently it goes “Old McDonald had a farm… and BINGO was his name O.

There’s nothing that compares to being a parent. It’s the most exhausting ride but it’s so wonderful!

I would love to hear yours. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I can’t believe you are three Miss Edith!

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