The Summer of 2018

Hello. Remember me? I used to blog here. This space has been left unattended for quite a while. What can I say? Juggling a small baby and a toddler hasn’t been easy. There was no slotting into routine and you know what that’s exactly the way it should be. Norah is coming to being 6 months old and I have enjoyed taking a break from this space to give my all to my girls. I have still been busy on Instagram but I’ve not sat down to write for a very long time. I’ve missed it truth be told. I’ve missed spilling all of my thoughts into keyboard. I’ve missed taking time for myself but I knew this was going to happen. Motherhood isn’t easy but oh my it’s so worth it. Seeing the relationship between Norah and Edith grow fills my heart daily. I could talk about how being a mother of two is vastly different to being a mother of one forever. But I will save that for another blog post.

We’ve been busy. Like really busy. Re-decorating the girls room so they can share, eventually. It involved a room swap. We now have the smaller room but I love it so much more. It’s forced to be less of a hoarder. In fact I now only have one chest of drawers full of clothes, which is an achievement considering I used to fill a 6ft rail and then some with my clothes. I’ve sorted out my accounts for the last tax year ready to fill out my second tax return. It’s exciting and scary wrapped into one.

We’ve spent much needed time together. My husband works 10 hour days as a teacher so it’s quite often a case of he gets home and we get the girls straight to bed. It’s been nice to have slow mornings, bake and eat all the food. We’ve tackled potty training and Edith is doing really well, we’ve just got to master the pull down! Norah has started weaning. Just a few tastes of puree before we go all out on the baby lead weaning style. It’s for ease more than anything.

This time last year we met with Georgia who took photographs of us a family of three. It was our announcement photographs and it seems so long ago. It’s amazing how much changes in a year. A new house and new baby to go alongside. Things have been picking up for me with work and I can’t wait to return after my maternity leave. I’ve got so many exciting things planned. The return of the Autumn Hashtag Challenge, pre-sets, e-courses, workshops and of course Instagram and blogging. It’s all in the works.

This year we had our first family photographs as four. We don’t have one nice photograph of us together until now. And would you look at these. Aren’t they just gorgeous. Georgia is such a talented lady. These are moments will treasure forever and I’m pretty sure we are still finding sand in places you don’t want to haha!

So I guess what this jumbled blog post is saying is. Thanks for sticking around and I’ll be back come September will lots of fresh content.

See you then!

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Photography c/o Georgia Rachael Photography

Edith’s Dress, custom order by Ohh So Darling

Norah’s Romper c/o Little Dottie Designs 

Norah’s Bonnet c/o Little Elements Co

Ring Sling c/o Mezaya Baby


  1. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    The photos are incredible!! That sun!! I think we all take a break and slow down during the summer months. It would be a shame not to … the weather forces outside and to do other things. September and autumn will be here before we know it x

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