Tour De Trike with Little Tikes [AD]

I often wonder if Edith is going to be an explorer or a home bird like her Mama. I love the UK and although travelling to see the world is definitely on my list of things to do, I’m happy exploring places close to home. We are very lucky to live right by the seaside. It’s less than ten minutes to our beach which is full of almost white sand. When Little Tikes asked us to explore our town with the 4in1 Trike in Purple, we knew we had to head for a walk along the seafront. However, it just so happened the day we picked, the mist came in. You would struggle to believe there is seaside view n the background of the photo below. We didn’t let that spoil our plans.

We walked along the seafront, well I say we walked. Norah was in the pushchair and Edith rode her trike. We love how the trike can be used in different ways. Edith is old enough to use the Trike without all of the safety features for little ones. Did you know it’s suitable from 9 months onwards, which makes it perfect for when Norah gets older. We decided to keep the push handle on so we could control where Edith was going. It also meant if she was feeling a little bit lazy she could pop her feet up on the footrest and enjoy the view.

Edith loved having her drinks bottle in the bottle holder. We had to stop for a drinks break a few times. She also love the storage bucket it meant we could taker her toys with us and not have to worry about loosing them. After our walk along the seafront, with bellies fill of ice cream, we headed to Edith’s favourite place in the whole world right now.

Nanny’s garden. A quick outfit change was on the cards and we were good to go. We even picked up a bunch of peonies to pop in Edith’s storage bucket. he loved riding up and down the garden and had a lovely afternoon.

The weather held out which was lovely. We decided to leave the shade canopy at home as we didn’t really need it. It will however, come in really handy on those baking hot summer days. The Trike had a lovely outing along the Suffolk Coast. As I mentioned it’s all part of Little Tikes Tour De Trike campaign. Showing off all of the lovely places you can visit. If you head over to their site you can see the interactive map featuring all of the places on the Tour De Trike, featuring lots of little ones and their trikes!

We are passing our baton over to Cailyn & Claire . Where is your adventure taking you @cailynsmummy ?

This post is in collaboration with Little Tikes. Thank you to the brands who support Little Paper Swans. As always thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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