Summer Plans with Celtic & Co #AD

Before the start of every summer I sit down and write out my plans, or I suppose a bucket list for places I want to visit over the holidays. My husband is a teacher so we are fortunate enough to get 6 weeks of summer together. Of course by the end of it I’m totally ready for him to go back to work haha! It occurred to me the other day that I’ve not really thought about my summer plans this year. I guess newborns and toddlers have a habit of making you forget things! But then I thought about it a little more. Maybe I haven’t made plans because I need some time to just relax. I’m terrible at taking things easy but I’m in need of some time to relax. So this summer I’m keeping things simple. No rushing from place to place but if we can visit a few of them I’ll be happy.

Of course a Summer in England isn’t always hot and glorious and living by the coast means that quite often we have a breeze. It’s oh so lovely on those sweltering days but it can mean things are a bit chilly even in the summer. This beautiful cardigan from Celtic & Co is just perfect for those chilly summer evenings. It’s thick enough to keep you warm, looks pretty and is super cosy too. In fact this cardigan is going to be perfect all year round as it can be layered up come winter time. Celtic & Co is an eco-friendly company. They use only the finest organic or natural fibres and they are UK based too. Meaning their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. They focus on investment pieces not throwaway fashion. It’s a move I am trying to make in my wardrobe. Buying quality that will last rather than throw away fashion.

My summer plans:

An evening picnic at the beach. Getting fish and chips. Getting a blanket and settling down for the evening. Maybe even take a long a bottle of fizz!

Strawberry picking. Edith loved it last year and I know that this year she will love it even more.

A family photoshoot. Last year we had Georgia take our announcement photos. This year I would love some photos of us with Norah!

Walk more. I walk a lot anyway but it’s amazing how going for a walk can clear your head and get your babies to sleep! I want to explore new places.

Take a week off. No worrying about social media. Maybe not even worrying about taking photos. Just enjoying myself.

Me time. A long soak in the bath, a face mask and maybe paint my nails.

Dinner in the garden. Once the garden is looking pretty I want to have a “date night” in the garden. Light some candles and have dinner just us two.

Press flowers with Edie. I used to love doing this as a child and I think she’s old enough to enjoy it. My mum still has the flower press kit we used to use.

And finally visit more of Suffolk and Norfolk. With Norah so young (and not enjoying traveling) a holiday is not an option. So visiting local places I’ve not been to is on the cards. Cromer, Holt, Aldeburgh etc.

I’m excited for a summer full of family time. Making memories and having fun together. Last summer I was in the early stages of my pregnancy with Norah so days were spent on the sofa sleeping of the nausea. This year I want to make lovely memories. I guess watch this space.

The cardigan was gifted to me from Celtic & Co in exchange for a blog post. Thank you to the brands who support Little Paper Swans. This post has been scheduled in advance while I spend time with my family. 

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