The Big Sister Gift – Molly Brown London [AD]

Edith has been the most incredible big sister since Norah has been born. We honestly couldn’t have hoped for better. She’s protective, fun and caring. The other day we were eating dinner and Norah woke from her nap and began to cry. Edith headed straight to her and told her not to worry and don’t be sad. It honestly makes my heart burst seeing the love they have for each other. I’m going to write a blog post all about how we helped with the transition of Edith becoming at big sister at just two and a half. But we wanted to treat her for being amazing.

We didn’t buy into the idea of the baby getting Edith a present and Edith getting the baby a present as we didn’t really feel like it was a good way to start things off. However now nearly 4 months down the line and know we know how wonderful Edith has been, we knew it was time for a treat.

Molly Brown London asked if we would like to review one of their gorgeous bracelets and as Edith has been amazing we knew it was the perfect big sister gift. Molly Brown London has lots of beautiful jewellery for children. They would be perfect for special gifts. I know they would make a lovely Christening or Flower Girl present!

But this present was for Edith. A big sister present. She deserved something special. When the bracelet arrived in was in a gorgeous pale pink bag. Edith loved the bag straight away, I was exactly the same when I was little. She filled it with her things instantly. We told her that wasn’t even the best part. Inside the bag was a beautiful jewellery box. and in the box was a pink tulle bag containing the most beautiful silver bracelet.

The bracelet is engraved with Edith’s name and her September birthstone. It’s such a lovely idea and she wanted to wear it instantly. She went and found her tutu and sat down to read her favourite book. Each Peach Pear Plum (we love a classic!). Edith has become more of girly girl as she’s got older and I have to say I love it. Now we can play dress up and she loves to share my makeup it makes for some time together just us.

I think that’s been the most important thing for Edith. Spending time with us and I don’t mean going out and spending money. I mean sitting and playing together. She loved it playing with the peonies and wearing her special Molly Brown London bracelet. When she wanted to take it off we popped it back in the box and it sits in the bag on top of her drawers in her room. She adores her present and she totally deserved a treat.

This post is in collaboration with Molly Brown London. Thank you to the brands who support Little Paper Swans. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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