Fisher Price Kick n Play Musical Bouncer Review [AD]

When I was pregnant with Norah one of the essentials we knew we needed was a little chair. A lot of people said that they didn’t use them with their children but Edith adored hers. It was very well loved so we didn’t end up keeping it. We picked up a normal chair for Norah which served it’s purpose but it wasn’t much fun. With Norah being our second baby and with having a two and half year old running around, Norah often will need to sit in her chair so I can get things done.

We were asked if we would like to review the Fisher Price Kick n Play Musical Bouncer and I knew it would go down a treat. Not just with Norah but I knew Edith would love playing with Norah in it too. It was really simple to put together and it took my husband less than ten minutes in total. We popped some batteries in and it was ready to go. Norah went straight in without a fuss and loved it.

Where Norah’s feet sit is a sensor that plays music every time she kicks, which is rather a lot. There are two volume settings on the bouncer, which we like to have on the first setting, Edith however loves the louder setting. There is also two musical settings one plays music all the time and the other works like a piano and plays a little jingle. We prefer that setting as it’s good fun to watch Norah play it with her feet!

She likes to do a little jig and it makes the overhead lights light up. She also likes to look and make the toys on the removable bar move. It won’t be long until she’s reaching out playing with them. The chair also has a vibration setting with is soothing and calming. Of course we don’t let Norah sleep in the chair for a long time but it’s perfect for a quick nap and it means I can spend time playing with Edith.

We love the fact you can remove the toy bar, it means you pop the baby in without having to do it at an odd angle. If you’re expecting a little one or looking for a chair I would highly recommend it. It’s great for babies play, encouraging gross motor skills and has sensory features. It’s also perfect for napping. Win win in my eyes.

This post is in collaboration with Fisher Price. Thank you to the brands who continue to support Little Paper Swans. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own!

The bouncer has gone down a real treat here and she loves to dance and coo in it.

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